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Year in Review – 2010

As a year ends, its always fun to look back on the good, the bad, and…you know the rest. As this is my site, I can make up some fun, imaginary awards to hand out to individuals who will never show up to receive them. No fancy awards show here. Just text and images that will waste part of your time.

Best Film That I Saw

Winners     Inception       The King's Speech
    True Grit       The Fighter       The Social Network

Now I would love to hand the award to a single winner, but both Inception and The King’s Speech offered something wonderful to watch. Inception provided another new Christopher Nolan and another wild ride for all movie goers. Inception was the most recent film that pulled me back into the theaters only moments after finishing that first initial viewing. The last movie to do that was…no surprise here…The Dark Knight.

The King’s Speech offered something special in terms of performance and story. From Colin Firth to Geoffrey Rush, I feel that any one seeing this film would enjoy it. If you haven’t seen The King’s Speech, find the closest theater and head that way as soon as you can. This will be an award winner, even without my simple Best Of 2010 award.

Best Album That I Heard

Winner     All Day
    B.O.B. Presents - The Adventures of Bobby Ray

This competition was closer than I originally thought it would be when looking back on my 2010 albums.

All Day being free didn’t even factor into this award. The amazing work of the single man behind Girl Talk cannot be summed in words simply because you just don’t realize how good his compilations are until you sit through an entire album. I can tell you that there are certain combinations that I never even dreamed I would hear (“Imagine” by John Lennon with “##” by ## and “##” by ## with “##” by ##). This album may not have been as good as the previous, Feed The Animals, but it was still good enough to take top prize here.

I knew nothing of Atlanta’s own, B.O.B., until I was invited to a free concert at California’s Great America. I was blown away with B.O.B.’s stage presence as well as some of his songs that those around me “assured” I knew even though I had not listened to any Top 40 or R&B radio station in over a year. After the concert, I took to the internet with my always favorite, Napster, and took a listen at several song samplings. I loved what I heard and instantly picked up the CD. Too bad that Girl Talk had to release an album in the same year.

Best New TV Show That I Started Watching

Winner     How I Met Your Mother
    The Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Big Bang Theory

Yes, I know I’m late to the party for How I Met Your Mother but thanks to the encouragement of others and some extra openings in my weekly lineup, I joined the bandwagon. The cast of friends is perfect. The humor is side splitting and solidifies many new items into the pop culture universe (Slapbet, The Bro Code [actual book now], etc.). I even enjoy the “mystery” of finding out who is Ted’s wife and the said mother of the show’s title. The choices are narrowing and I’m really hoping the answer is provided prior to the end of the show, whenever that may be.

Best Sporting Moment

Winner     Falcons Rise Up!
    New Orleans Saints losing to Seattle Seahawks in Wildcard NFC Playoff game (I just couldn’t pass on this opportunity to enjoy the Saints’ misery just a little more)

It doesn’t get any better than the entire Atlanta Falcons season. As a Falcons fan and season ticket owner, this season has been phenomenal. With an NFC South title in our grasp and playoffs only a week away, the season has looked brighter than many could have hoped for. More than anything else, I’m proud of the team that has been put together both in terms of physical play and all round character. Besides, when Samuel L. Jackson is telling your fans to RISE UP, you can’t do anything else but answer the call.

I would love to give any type of real honorable mention here but my other team of choice (Georgia Bulldogs) had a painful year and bulldog nation should just be happy the season has ended. Oh well, I guess I’ll just wallow in the misery that is the end to the New Orleans Saints’ season.

Best Personal Accomplishment

Winner     The Ring
    Athens Half Marathon

I’d be in real, possible loss of a limb trouble here if my engagement was not the clear winner here. Sure, my first half marathon was amazing but I only get one shot at asking that key question, “Will You Marry Me?’, and have the answer be an excitingly quick “Yes.” I’ve told the story before here on the site as well as countless times in person, but I smile more and more each time I think of my fiance and the life we will soon be starting in the coming year.

What’s Up in 2011?
The coming year will hopefully hold many new possibilities for me. I would assume that the wedding will be the biggest event for me this year and will take up much of my time (and finances). However, I know that this will not be the only event for me this year and those that I don’t foresee now will probably be just as good as those that are already planned.

Here’s to 2011 and a happy new year.

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Michael Westen is super cool

The spy genre is back and better than ever as Michael Westen shows that spies are always cool.

Burn Notice

Now for those select few who don’t know who he is, you are missing out on one of the best new shows out there. New might be a relative term since Burn Notice is about to start its 3rd season, but the seasons are short so we will keep using the term “new” for at least a few more weeks. Anyway, the basic story is simple: Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) was a spy who had a burn notice placed on him. In even more simple terms, he was fired. He is now stuck in Miami with his trigger happy ex-girlfriend Fionna (Gabrielle Anwar), an FBI informant buddy Sam (Bruce Campbell), and his mom (Sharon Gless).

I would describe Burn Notice as James Bond meets MacGyver meets A-Team. Each episode furthers Michael’s hunt for those that burned him as well as helpful spy tips to help you get out of any situation. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know that the best way to beat a cell phone jammer is to connect your cell antennae to an ethernet connection of a computer to boost its power. And might I add that he is one sharply dressed unemployed individual.

I get more excited about new or old episodes of Burn Notice than I do any other show. June 4th, here I come. If you care to catch up for the new season, it looks like a few mini-marathons are coming up.

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A Hodgepodge Post

I don’t really have enough for a complete post about anything important but over the past few weeks there have been several items that I’d like to spill my thoughts and ideas around. That’s right. This is one of those I don’t care enough to devote full time so you are getting my halfhearted approach.  Welcome to the hodgepodge.

  • Alex Rodriguez is on steroids?  Really?  The savior of baseball?  The one that was to make all of the records right and legit.  Well, he is now just another cheater.  I wonder if he is actually upset at what he did or the fact that his name was released.  I mean, you can’t state that you never did steroids and then be exposed for telling a lie.  It just won’t work out well when you ask us to believe you when you state you are no longer taking them.  He’s a cheater to me and if I actually attended games I’d boo him.
  • The World Baseball Classic is coming up and the world doesn’t care.  I’m starting to notice a trend with these world athletic events.  It seems that the athletes or owners are pushing to not let the players participate.  You don’t see this same concept with the World Cup.  The players will play regardless and the world wants them to play.  Is there a higher sense of honor in the world cup?  Why don’t the other sports show it?
  • I’m a fan of Lost and 24, but Burn Notice is the show that really gets me excited each week.  When its Thursday, I have a smile on my face.  Not because it is almost the weekend.  It’s because that Michael, Sam, and Fie are about to kick butt.  Everyone I’ve suggested the show to has really enjoyed it.  It’s Spy + Equalizer + A-Team.
  • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Heroes is not a good show.  Yes, I watch it, but it isn’t that great.  The stories are terrible and never really conclude.  The writing can’t develop characters and now there are too many.  The first season was good but only had 2 great episodes (“Company Man” and “Five Years Gone“).
  • Free Agency starts tonight at 12:01AM for the NFL.  I don’t expect big things out of the Falcons, but I could see us going after lesser Free Agents.  Derrick Brooks’ name was thrown out today which I like in ways but you can’t pick up a huge rival such as this while you are dropping your loyal player (Keith Brooking).  Instead how about we get Jermaine Phillips?  I’m always a fan of more Georgia players on my dirty birds.
  • I love it when the “good” NFL combine stories are released.  Especially the ones where a kicker beats the other players in the workouts.  A kicker who benches 225 lbs 25 times?  More than his USC LB teammate?
  • I’ve recently purchase cymbals for Rock Band 2 and I must say that it dramatically increases the amount of fun one can have playing rock’s greatest tunes.  I’m barely moving into the area of “Hard”, but there are a few songs that I really feel like I’m a fake rocker.
  • All this talk about a new stimulus plan reminds me of the following Ducktales Inflation lesson.  I’m just glad we are passing on debt further to our children.  That just means I don’t have to pay for this mess.
  • Yes, the US and the world is in bad shape due to the economy.  We all know it.  All of our investments are dropping.  It’s terrible.  Let’s get over it and begin to move forward.  We can’t fix what most of us caused so we need to begin turning over a new leaf.  No more living outside of one’s means.  Change people.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you no matter what John Mayer tells you.
  • Watchmen comes out next week and I’m looking forward to it.  Not because it is another heroes movie.  I’ve read this graphic novel and it blew my mind.  When I started it, I didn’t think much of it other than the writing was quite good.  It wasn’t until I reached the end that I truly realized how good it really was.  Take it how you want, but I will be upset if there is not fully frontal male nudity in this movie (it actually has a purpose here).  Wow, I can’t believe I just typed that.
  • Reese’s Easter Egg time is upon us.  It is now time to begin hoarding for the winter.  If you go to a store and they are out, you know where to find me.
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New Simpsons Intro

After being on the air since 1989, the Simpsons have updated their intro yet again as a new way to enter the world of HD content.  Here’s a copy of the new intro who missed it tonight (like I did).

I think the team did a great job of incorporating more of the people (angry baby) of Springfield into the intro as well as more of the town. For those true Simpsons fans, if you really watch closely, you can find many “odes” to Simpsons episodes:

  • When Bart is writing on the blackboard, you can see Homer the astronaut on the wall.
  • When Maggie is being scanned at the market, you will see a breakfast cereal from Homer’s brief stint in Japan.
  • Bleeding Gums Murphy is now on the wall of the band room.
  • The quick cut to the house includes God and the devil, El Barto, Blinkie, Kang and Kodos, and etc.
  • It also seems that the Simpsons have a new HD tv in the living room.

I wonder if this new update will spawn a new update for the Halloween special as well.

I can’t wait to catch the full episode later this week on Hulu.

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Year In Review – 2008

Another year is down and I’m just a little bit older.  With 2009 here and now, we take a quick look back across the board on the year that was 2008.


I picked up several great CDs over the course of the year, but there has to be one that is a cut above the rest.  When I opened up Amarok to see which albums were listed for this year, I quickly and easily knew the answer.

Winner Girl Talk - Feed The Animals Feed The Animals by Girl Talk

This CD is a mix of everything you have heard and nothing you have ever heard. I’ve tried the other Girl Talk albums, but this one is where Girl Talk really found the right formula. The songs move from one to the next as a seamless transition. The album takes you back across your life as you pick out all of the songs used to make the mix. I’m personally a fan of “Hands In The Air” and “Play Your Part (Pt. 1)”.

Honorable Mention Counting Crows - Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings by Counting Crows

Let me start by saying James is going to kill me for giving this Honorable Mention. I guess I better now shy away from Bama jokes. Anyway, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings is easiest to describe as an infusion of “August and Everything After” and “Recovering The Satellites”. Not really sure why I would review this item again, but “When I Dream of Michelangelo” and “Come Around” still top my list for great songs on this album. The more I have heard “Come Around” on the radio the more it has become a CC mainstay for me.


2008 was the year of hype and that usually leads to disappointment, but it seems that for once the hype was for real and we were all happy to fork over our 10+ dollars.

Winner The Dark Knight The Dark Knight

TDK led the reviews for the year (both critic and consumer). The hype was a fear factor in my eyes but this movie went above and beyond so many other “comic book” movies that it stands as simply a great movie. I’m not sure I can say much more for Batman and the Clown Prince of Gotham.

Honorable Mention Hellboy II Hellboy II and Iron Man

The poster may be of Hellboy II but that is simply because I don’t believe it received as much praise as Iron Man did. Hellboy II was much better than the first despite any rumors you might have heard. Iron Man was great as well even if it included Gwyneth. Hellboy II may be ending its franchise (or it looks that way) but Iron Man is only the beginning (Iron Man 2 and Avengers already in the works). However, like I said before, TDK raised the bar significantly.

Heroes. 30 Rock. ER (The final season). Fringe. The Simpsons.

There were many great episodes but I’m not certain if there were any great seasons. I’ve fallen behind on my Heroes watching but it did seem to pick up as I watched more. I will still state that Heroes is not a great show but a good show. I enjoy its theme (everyday people with powers), but I know it can only have a great episode here and there.

The Simpsons has had an amazing run, but I know that it needs to come to an end.  The family has performed every action and every job known to man.  It is starting to hit the moment where it is trying to tell the same story again in a different way (with bad results).  I have a new idea though that I believe everyone can enjoy.  The Simpsons should end after this season, but become a new generation’s Charlie Brown.  Only produce the Halloween special yearly.  It is the highest rated episode and usually the best one regardless of the season.

My sports story of the year is another no shocker. Anyone who has seen me over the last few months knows that I live, eat and breath my Atlanta Falcons. The playoffs are here and I’m already pumped. My pro team is playing with passion and as a team. Not only are we a great story but an even better team. When this season is over I’ll have nothing to do until the NFL Draft returns. I mean, no other sport is worth my time after football.

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The football games, The Max, and the romances…

Every morning lately I have found myself sitting down to breakfast with the entire gang from Saved By The Bell. My roommate and myself are huge fans and can answer most if not all of the truly difficult trivia questions with ease. Therefore, this post is an ode to SBTB by providing my top five favorite episodes of all time. The list will probably surprise most, or at least the order will.

  1. “Save That Tiger” – It’s that time again isn’t it. Not the prank war. Yes, the prank war. Valley vs. Bayside. Bad vs. Good. No Intelligence Vs. Semi Intelligence. Fun jokes and gags such as joy buzzers or kidnapping a high school student. These are the great days of high school. It’s also great when you pour ants down a human’s back and the ant bites magically make the human a super gymnast full of many great flips at the perfect time. Now I just need to steal Bayside t-shirts. Hmmm…..I wonder if the 100 meter dash is still going on after all these years.
  2. “The Teacher’s Strike” – A Mr. Tuttle episode is a good episode. The man teaches driver’s education, the Glee Club and the Academic Bowl team (Jessie, Lisa, and Screech). With that much pressure, of course the teachers were going to strike. Zack’s added push probably didn’t help much either so he could go skiing. The classic ending of Valley vs. Bayside is great with the category switch from football to basketball. Ah yes, Kareem Abdul Montana. He made the Lakers who they are today.
  3. “The Gift” – Zack and Slater are having a betting contest, which is always safe to do at school during the late 80’s. Zack has to give up his radio, but Screech gets struck by lightening in the process. Lightening kill a tv personality? Never. It just gives him the cool power of seeing into the future. Zack would never use this to rule the world, but only to win back free stuff from Slater. Oh no, here comes a deadly test coming up from Mr. Testaverde (The Micro Machines guy). Will the gift get the gang through the test or should they have just stayed up and studied everything? I mean, even I knew that they should study the 3 steps taken by the Continental Congress, the battle of Seratoga as the turning point of the war, and the intolerable acts.
  4. “Jessie’s Song” – It’s time the gang talked about drugs. No not dope. That’s a different episode. I’m talking about the deadly drug known as caffeine pills. In order to help her stay up late for a midterm, Jessie begins taking caffeine pills and becomes addicted. Slater tries to help, but she doesn’t listen and Zack is too busy putting Hot Sundae together thanks to the undercover work of Sinead O’Conner. I could repeat those simple words all day every day and life would be that much better. “I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so…scared.”
  5. “Rockumentary” – This episode has it all. The rise and fall of Zack Attack, Casey Kasem, Brian Fate, Zack’s incredible ability to merge Vanilla Ice and M.C. Hammer into one human, the music (“Didn’t We Ever Have a Chance”, “Let’s Stay Together”, and “Friends Forever”). This is a full episode in that every part of it as good. From the moment the line is heard, “Little did they know Fate was running by their door…..Hello, I’m Brian Fate” you knew the episode would be a classic. Come on everyone, let’s say it. Friends….Come on….Friends. You have to admit. Screech does look peaceful.

What list would be complete without Honorable Mentions? I have a few here.

  • “Running Zack” – Zack is apparently half Native American. That was news to me and it was also news to me that Native Americans love surfing. At least this one on one session helps Zack pass his heritage class (I never had one of those) with an easy A. Beat Valley!
  • “From Nurse To Worse” – Zack finally asks Kelly to go steady. However the super uber hot new nurse makes Zack change his tune and pitch of his voice. Of course, we all instantly hit puberty when the nurse stated “Do you want a girl or a woman.” A.C. being afraid of shots was an added bonus.
  • “Mystery Weekend” – When Lisa wins a free weekend trip to Mystery Theatre that entire gang is invited. Now on to the whodoneit. The butler? No. The maid in the skimpy outfit? No. Oh well. At least we learn of a new drink (Mango Tonic with a Kiwi Twist).

SBTB wiki and Good Morning Miss Bliss wiki both have short summaries of all of the shows. Did I miss label the greatness of SBTB?

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arrested development movie = bad

Lately I’ve been hearing many rumors concerning an Arrested Development. These rumors range from it is almost here to Will Farrell will finance the whole movie (I highly doubt this last one).

For those that don’t know, Arrested Development is one of the greatest comedy TV shows of all time. It only lasted 3 seasons on Fox. It gained unbelievable reviews, but no one watched. I even remember seeing a few minutes of a show and stating this show rocks, but then not watching it. All of that changed a year ago for me when a co-worker told me I should check the show out because I might like it. Well, I liked it too much. I can’t even begin to explain all of the looks I received on flights while watching the show. I don’t know of any other show that made me laugh out loud like that. And when I came to the final show of the series, it was picture perfect. Everything was rolled together nicely and it ended. The only thing I was left wanting were more episodes.

However, a movie is not what I want. I just don’t think this show can survive a movie format. One blog listed 8 things that were necessary to relive the greatness of the show. I agreed on all of the items, but I would much rather have more episodes and seasons than a movie. The movie would probably gain mediocre reviews that mention how it can’t relive the TV show and no one will see the movie. Then the TV show will never return because the movie failed.

Just give me more of the Bluths. They just make my family look perfect and help me get through this cruel mixed up world. Man I miss that show. I might start watching the seasons again soon.  Where’s “Final Countdown” when I need it?

Arrested Development Movie Poster

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