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Michael Westen is super cool

The spy genre is back and better than ever as Michael Westen shows that spies are always cool.

Burn Notice

Now for those select few who don’t know who he is, you are missing out on one of the best new shows out there. New might be a relative term since Burn Notice is about to start its 3rd season, but the seasons are short so we will keep using the term “new” for at least a few more weeks. Anyway, the basic story is simple: Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) was a spy who had a burn notice placed on him. In even more simple terms, he was fired. He is now stuck in Miami with his trigger happy ex-girlfriend Fionna (Gabrielle Anwar), an FBI informant buddy Sam (Bruce Campbell), and his mom (Sharon Gless).

I would describe Burn Notice as James Bond meets MacGyver meets A-Team. Each episode furthers Michael’s hunt for those that burned him as well as helpful spy tips to help you get out of any situation. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know that the best way to beat a cell phone jammer is to connect your cell antennae to an ethernet connection of a computer to boost its power. And might I add that he is one sharply dressed unemployed individual.

I get more excited about new or old episodes of Burn Notice than I do any other show. June 4th, here I come. If you care to catch up for the new season, it looks like a few mini-marathons are coming up.

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