Hero Inc.

where heroes are an everyday occurrence



Hero Inc.
Due to the massive Hero complex that follows me in my life, I’ve decided to build a website that will display that to the world. Thus, Hero Inc. was born. For those new to the site, this is just another blog tailored to my life. For those familiar with the past incarnations of Hero Inc., welcome back. I’m hoping to make you laugh, cry, and learn as I build this site into everything I want it to be…and more.

Here are a few samples of the past versions:

MeA 20 something UGA grad who works in the security/technology sector for one of the big four accounting firms. Technology is my job and a hobby (if it can be called one) which comes to fruition within this site. I love to post and dabble with updates here and there. I have some sort of limited knowledge in the following areas whether I want to have it or not.

I told you I was a dork, didn’t I? I’m even one of those weird guys that still reads and buys comics. Oh dear…

Social Me
If I’m going to be social and open about it, I should at least make it somewhat easier to connect with me.