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The Panoramic Bay

This past week, my parents made the trip from coast to coast in order to visit Northern California and me. This was their first trip up here so we had a full week of activities planned. Napa/Sanoma to Pacific Coastal Highway to Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf to Golden Gate to East Bay to Muir Woods. We did it all or as much as we could in a seven day trip.

Thanks to the Android app, Pano, I was able to capture some great panoramic shots with my Android phone with ease. Click each image for the full size version.

Golden Gate Bridge

This is one of my favorite spots in the city and it is an even better site at night. Maybe that’s why I chose this location to propose.

The Seven Sisters

Maybe I should rename this the 8 sisters since my work with the panoramic didn’t go so well. That’s what happens when it is a beautiful day and you can barely read the screen on your phone.

View of the Bay 1

On our way up to Muir Woods, my first time, there was a wonderful lookout point where you could see the bay.

View of the Bay 2

Here’s a slightly better view of that lookout point from above.


This may seem quite touristy, but it is a really good tour and attraction. Also gives you a great view of the bay when you are on the island.

Muir Woods 1

It’s amazing that you actually need to take a panoramic shot just to get a full view of these trees. I was really glad that we made it here to view this wonderful site.

Muir Woods 2

Simply amazing.

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