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So this is what my website looks like? I’ve been away from it for so long that I actually forgot about it. That can’t be good for whatever readership I might have had or have.

Anyway, let’s see what’s been going on since my last post dated May 2, 2011.

Welcome to the summer of superheroes. Throughout the summer a new or returning set of characters will be filling the silver screen. Yes, I plan on seeing them all and so far I’ve been doing good with Thor and X-Men: First Class already checked off. Next up is my eagerly anticipated Green Lantern. I know others aren’t that hyped but I am. I’m not 100% excited by the look, but certain pieces of the recent trailers really lead me to believe this one is going to be fun and good. Now I just need to find a 3D IMAX near me as this is the first film that I believe 3D will actually help its plot. Then I’m off to Captain America, Cars 2, and Harry Potter. I’ll be broke by the end of it all.

It’s Wedding Season! Yep, most of my time….wait that’s not right. Most of my fiance’s time has been spent planning the upcoming wedding. I’m just trying to keep up and help where I can. I took over the Honeymoon planning. Sounds like fun but not really. I’m super excited about our end location (can’t state here until she finds out later) but trying to book hotels and make sure flight schedules work out can be hectic. I can’t even imagine what the true crux of wedding planning is like. My head would probably explode. Regardless, it will be a very special time for the two of us and I’m really looking forward to it.

I wasn’t that excited after the NFL Draft because of what my Falcons had to give up to get Julio Jones, but I’m getting more excited each day. I need the season to start and start now. The lockout must end so I can see free agency. I then need to hear about practices and see some of preseason competition to learn more about the new players. Then I need a season where I get to see this Madden style offense where we just score and score often. Let’s go FALCONS!!!

This week on Tuesday, Duke Nukem Forever is going to be released. I was a fan of Duke Nukem 3D back in the day so I’m really looking forward to this one. I really just need a funny, pointless video game and Duke Nukem Forever seems to fit the bill. If you’ve never played, just think of a more “mature” version of Doom or Wolfenstein. I’ve been hoarding some gift cards since Christmas so what better time to drop them. I’m also taking 2 days off from work (had to get rid of some available vacation days before the end of the year) so I’ll be holed up in my room playing video games for a 4 game weekend. Man that sounds relaxing. Just wish that IGN hadn’t released this review. 🙁

This past week was E3 and Nintendo’s presenation. I was extremely excited about this one as I knew it would show the new gaming system. Well, I was not left disappointed by the Wii U. I was sold on the name at first as it is a play on Wii 2 as well as “unique” and a wii for you. Then they showed the video of what the Wii U can do and I was blown away again. I don’t know why I’m shocked when Nintendo innovates but sometimes I’m shocked at how creative they can be to achieve it. Sure, all of the “hardcore” gamers will complain for about a year until Microsoft and Sony due the same thing. It’s happened with every console since the N64. Nintendo innovates and others copy. See analog stick, rumble pack, motion controls, etc. for examples. Overall on the Wii U, the graphics look great. The gameplay is creative and fun. The launch titles are diverse. My bank account is already preparing for this one next year.

And I guess that’s it. Let’s see how long it is now until my next posting.

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Year in Review – 2010

As a year ends, its always fun to look back on the good, the bad, and…you know the rest. As this is my site, I can make up some fun, imaginary awards to hand out to individuals who will never show up to receive them. No fancy awards show here. Just text and images that will waste part of your time.

Best Film That I Saw

Winners     Inception       The King's Speech
    True Grit       The Fighter       The Social Network

Now I would love to hand the award to a single winner, but both Inception and The King’s Speech offered something wonderful to watch. Inception provided another new Christopher Nolan and another wild ride for all movie goers. Inception was the most recent film that pulled me back into the theaters only moments after finishing that first initial viewing. The last movie to do that was…no surprise here…The Dark Knight.

The King’s Speech offered something special in terms of performance and story. From Colin Firth to Geoffrey Rush, I feel that any one seeing this film would enjoy it. If you haven’t seen The King’s Speech, find the closest theater and head that way as soon as you can. This will be an award winner, even without my simple Best Of 2010 award.

Best Album That I Heard

Winner     All Day
    B.O.B. Presents - The Adventures of Bobby Ray

This competition was closer than I originally thought it would be when looking back on my 2010 albums.

All Day being free didn’t even factor into this award. The amazing work of the single man behind Girl Talk cannot be summed in words simply because you just don’t realize how good his compilations are until you sit through an entire album. I can tell you that there are certain combinations that I never even dreamed I would hear (“Imagine” by John Lennon with “##” by ## and “##” by ## with “##” by ##). This album may not have been as good as the previous, Feed The Animals, but it was still good enough to take top prize here.

I knew nothing of Atlanta’s own, B.O.B., until I was invited to a free concert at California’s Great America. I was blown away with B.O.B.’s stage presence as well as some of his songs that those around me “assured” I knew even though I had not listened to any Top 40 or R&B radio station in over a year. After the concert, I took to the internet with my always favorite, Napster, and took a listen at several song samplings. I loved what I heard and instantly picked up the CD. Too bad that Girl Talk had to release an album in the same year.

Best New TV Show That I Started Watching

Winner     How I Met Your Mother
    The Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Big Bang Theory

Yes, I know I’m late to the party for How I Met Your Mother but thanks to the encouragement of others and some extra openings in my weekly lineup, I joined the bandwagon. The cast of friends is perfect. The humor is side splitting and solidifies many new items into the pop culture universe (Slapbet, The Bro Code [actual book now], etc.). I even enjoy the “mystery” of finding out who is Ted’s wife and the said mother of the show’s title. The choices are narrowing and I’m really hoping the answer is provided prior to the end of the show, whenever that may be.

Best Sporting Moment

Winner     Falcons Rise Up!
    New Orleans Saints losing to Seattle Seahawks in Wildcard NFC Playoff game (I just couldn’t pass on this opportunity to enjoy the Saints’ misery just a little more)

It doesn’t get any better than the entire Atlanta Falcons season. As a Falcons fan and season ticket owner, this season has been phenomenal. With an NFC South title in our grasp and playoffs only a week away, the season has looked brighter than many could have hoped for. More than anything else, I’m proud of the team that has been put together both in terms of physical play and all round character. Besides, when Samuel L. Jackson is telling your fans to RISE UP, you can’t do anything else but answer the call.

I would love to give any type of real honorable mention here but my other team of choice (Georgia Bulldogs) had a painful year and bulldog nation should just be happy the season has ended. Oh well, I guess I’ll just wallow in the misery that is the end to the New Orleans Saints’ season.

Best Personal Accomplishment

Winner     The Ring
    Athens Half Marathon

I’d be in real, possible loss of a limb trouble here if my engagement was not the clear winner here. Sure, my first half marathon was amazing but I only get one shot at asking that key question, “Will You Marry Me?’, and have the answer be an excitingly quick “Yes.” I’ve told the story before here on the site as well as countless times in person, but I smile more and more each time I think of my fiance and the life we will soon be starting in the coming year.

What’s Up in 2011?
The coming year will hopefully hold many new possibilities for me. I would assume that the wedding will be the biggest event for me this year and will take up much of my time (and finances). However, I know that this will not be the only event for me this year and those that I don’t foresee now will probably be just as good as those that are already planned.

Here’s to 2011 and a happy new year.

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Green Lantern Trailer

Ok, we all knew this was coming. You honestly think that I wouldn’t breakdown the trailer and provide my thoughts around my favorite superhero’s movie set to be released next year? Neither did I.

Go to official trailer site if this youtube video gets pulled.

Stop here if you don’t want to see the breakdown of the trailer. There could be things here you don’t want to know prior to the movie.

Ok, here we go.

  • 0:00 to 0:29 – Meet Hal Jordan, the test pilot who just doesn’t know responsibility. Ryan Reynolds is the superhero here. I originally wasn’t big on the casting here as he wasn’t my number one choice. I think Jon Hamm is more of a Hal Jordan but I’m certain the casting came down to youth in hopes of making several GL movies. I’ll leave further judgement to the full movie. The same will go for Blake Lively as Carol Ferris.
  • 0:30 – 0:44 – I’m hoping these test pilot scenes are as good as Iron Man’s fighter plane scenes as it is central to Hal’s character.
  • 0:59 – Abin Sur looks perfect. This scene will help to build the rest of the story. It is an origin.
  • 1:19 – Here’s the first shot of the Green Lantern ring. I originally wasn’t a fan of the shots I had seen of it previously but it is starting to grow on me. The ring is born out of alien technology so it makes sense to make it look alien as well.
  • 1:30 – Welcome to Oa and it looks as though Tomar Re is showing Hal the grounds as this will be where he is trained to become a member of the Green Lantern Corp. The suits are very interesting here as each has its own look and feel much like you find in the comics, yet we can easily tell that they are alien instead of the human style that the comics often portray them as looking.
  • 1:31 – Sinestro, one of the greatest Green Lanterns and easily one of my favorite villains in all of comics. Played by Mark Strong, we should be in for a treat. This image couldn’t be any more perfect for the look of Sinestro.
  • 1:38 – Here we find Hal’s power battery which will be used to charge his ring. I’m also interested in learning about his friend in this scene and a few others. Is this the stereotypical lackey that helps the hero along his way. I’m not really sure Green Lantern needs this.
  • 1:44 – 1:46 – Here is Hal’s first construct of the trailer, a fist. The ring allows the wearer to create any object as long as his will is strong enough to support it.
  • 1:48 – Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond is another brilliant casting move. The subsequent images of him add even more to the appeal.
  • 1:52 – Meet Kilowog, the trainer of the Green Lanterns and a fan favorite. My only concern is that he might be entirely CGI. Too much CGI is never a good thing and this film might lean on it too much at times. Why not just make him as a man in a suit?
  • 2:08 – 2:22 – The suit seems to becoming beneath Hal’s skin. Very interesting view. I like everything about the alien look here except for one thing, the mask. It just looks too fake. Almost painted on as a Halloween costume gone wrong. Again, what’s wrong with a physical mask? I do miss Geoff Johns addition to the Lantern universe of the symbol on the uniform being more of a beacon or “siren” for the uniform than a physical part of it.
  • 2:23 – 2:30 – “In Brightest Day. In Blackest Night.” These are the first words of the Green Lantern oath. Bring on the rest! But what’s with the TDK style ending with the flaming logo?

Overall, the trailer is a teaser of sorts. I’m not super pumped but that was kind of expected for this film. Its not going to be The Dark Knight nor should it. TDK works because Batman is based on reality. Green Lantern is not. It is a fantasy, space epic. I want it to be Star Trek (2009) with superheroes. Will I get that? Too early to say, but I can guarantee this is a midnight showing (if not earlier if I can help it) for me. As of right now, my summer is packed and the only real question is what superhero will be standing tallest in the end: Captain America, Thor, or Green Lantern.

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My Android Apps

I keep getting asked what apps do I enjoy on my HTC Droid Eris. Well, I guess the best way to do that is just use AppBrain.

Anyone have some other cool suggestions of apps to download?

Note: For those interested, do not buy the HTC Droid Eris if you are looking at getting an Android phone. I honestly love it, but HTC and Verizon do not so it has stopped receiving the latest Android updates and is discontinued by Big Red. If you are looking to get an Android, go after one of the flagship phones so that you can be certain to receive the latest updates for at least a year.

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Avengers Assumptions!

With Iron Man 2 out of the way, Thor and Captain America on the way, it is time to begin with eager anticipation for AVENGERS ASSEMBLE…or to the regular people The Avengers movie.

The Avengers

The move is roughly two years away and currently only has a director and many rumors. After seeing Iron Man 2, I wanted to discuss the subtle hints that the film provided that could (or could not) lead into The Avengers movie. For those that don’t know and didn’t click on any of my links above, The Avengers is a superhero team in the same way that the Justice League is for DC. The Avengers have been formed with many different heroes, but which group will be selected for the feature film? Well my assumptions are going to be based off small rumors and everything I saw in Iron Man 2. Therefore, STOP NOW if you want to avoid even the mildest of SPOILERS.

Ok, now that we have those that don’t want to know out of the way, we can continue. In Iron Man 2, Nick Fury and Tony Stark are discussing his review for possible team involvement thanks to the Black Widow’s report. The report states that Iron Man is in, but Tony is out. Interesting, but my real focus of the scene was the monitor behind them with several points being tracked around the world. I was only able to remember the following subset of locations.

  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Africa
  • South Atlantic Ocean / Antartica
  • Central Europe

Well, if I’m doing what most other fanboys are doing out there in fandom, I’m matching a location to a member of the Avengers.

  • New York – Most might jump to Spider-Man here. I certainly did. However, the Spider-Man franchise is not currently in Marvel’s possession. However, the Hulk is and he just happened to star in a recent reboot of the franchise and it took place in…yes…say it…New York. I’m all for The Hulk as a member of the Avengers but I like him even more as the villain. A hero that can’t control his powers, I believe, might provide more drama and story than some alien beings being sent to destroy/take over the earth. Apparently Iron Man 2 is already helping out in continuity because in the background of the scene between Tony and Nick, a news report is being given of the attack at the university that appeared in The Incredible Hulk.
  • New Mexico – If you stayed through the credits of Iron Man 2, you already know the answer to this one. The scene showed that S.H.I.E.L.D. had found Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Thor, a norse god, is one, if not, the strongest heroes on earth. If Thor isn’t happy, no one is happy. I’m pumped for this one as Thor is a very intriguing character and his movie is lining up to be something special as well.
  • Los Angeles – Easy one, Iron Man. I mean, the man lives in Malibu. Let’s just take Nick’s comments as more of a way to push Tony forward as a hero and not the fact that Marvel can’t pay for all of these heroes together.
  • Atlantic Ocean – This must be the one and only “first avenger,” Captain America. Iron Man 2 gave us his first shield as well as the possibility of Iron Man creating the element for creating his new shield. In the comics, Cap’s frozen body was found somewhere in the North Pole or northern Atlantic ocean. Marvel’s ultimate goal was to do Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor and then The Avengers. Therefore, we have to have Cap to lead the team. Time to see what a real boy scout can do.
  • Africa – Another no brainer of sorts. We will stay away from Storm or the X-Men due to a separate franchise and Marvel wanting to build on their “less known” characters. This choice also gives us a more diverse group with the inclusion of Black Panther. Many in Hollywood (Tyrese Gibson and Wesley Snipes) have been trying to get a Black Panther film off the ground for years. I’ll support the inclusion here.
  • South Atlantic Ocean / Antartica – Here’s the stretch because I gaurantee most people don’t know who he is and when I describe him, I’ll get the usual response of “That’s just an Aquaman rip off.” We are talking about the prince of Atlantis, Namor. Namor is one of the first mutants/heroes from Marvel. He is often depicted as a villain as he chooses his people of Atlantis over those on land every day of the week if he can. Just think of him as good cop/bad cop, but the good cop always calls in sick.
  • Central Europe – For this one I had to turn to the internet. Some are pointing to the Red Skull, but I’m not thrilled with that idea. Why spend a whole Captain America move on Red Skull only to bring him back so quickly to face the Avengers? No. This one needs to be something new. A female? We have the Black Widow, but her background is Russia not Central Europe and why would S.H.I.E.L.D. need to track her? Then again, I listed Iron Man on this list and they are tracking him. Then I guess I have to go after my final long shot with two “originals,” Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Both can be linked back to Central Europe in some form or fashion so they will have to do.

Well that’s it. Not the best team I could pick but then again I don’t have to do the picking. I’d really like to see a team of maybe 5 (Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hawkeye, Black Widow) so that each can be built in his/her own right. I don’t want characters lost and thrown in just for the purpose of being there, but I would really love to see Hawkeye being portrayed by Jeremy Renner.

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Where am I?

Much like one of my close counterparts, I too have been away from posting for far too long. I’m not promising anything life changing here, but at least it is more than a heartbeat to let people know I’m here. So like many posts where I try not to say too much, here are the fast facts.

  • I upgraded my old phone and am now enjoying life with my Android powered device. Sure it has its cons, but doesn’t every phone? Next path will be to attempt to build my own app for it and see if anyone is willing to download and/or buy it. I doubt the second part of that. Here’s hoping I can put together a better future post talking about apps and how this phone really measures up.
  • My newest side project will move any of my future movie posts to The AC Guild or Amateur Critics Guild. I’m hoping to push this really hard because it has been a thrill to create so far. If you don’t believe me, just head over to the About page and enjoy the most random ramblings you will find as well as a good picture or two.
  • I’ve just picked up the new The Rocket Summer album. I’m not enjoying as much as the past ones, but it still has a few fun tunes. Check out Nothing Matters.
  • In keeping up with my Falcons from my new west coast location, I’m pumped with the new addition of the Falcons family, Daunta Robinson. Now we just need a fearsome pass rusher and other teams will fear the days they have to face us. Saints, we will knock you down first.
  • I just enjoyed a wonderful weekend snowboarding in Mammoth. I’m no Shaun White, but I think I’m doing quite well for only having been two times now. The new board, bindings, and boots worked out great. Anyone ready for a fall trip now? Possible picture and video to come later depending on when the one who took the pictures and video lets me get my hands on them.
  • I’m a little behind the times, but thanks to a great deal, I just picked up the God of War collection pack. Sure I’ll be stuck playing God of War while everyone else is enjoying God of War 3. That’s fine. I enjoying playing games on the cheap.
  • The greatest candy time of the year as arrived once again. I’ve already begun stock piling as many as I can. I will note that the bunny shaped Reese’s are quite good as well so please don’t write them off. You still can write off the smaller easter eggs though. They just aren’t the same as the big ones.

Possible future posts?

  • NFL Draft Preview – Sorry Mike.
  • All things Android
  • My Music History – Have had this one in the works for a long time so we know that it will probably wait longer as well.
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Netflix Movie Reviews v8

Here’s the next set of reviews from my Netflix queue.

Lost Season 5
Lost Season 5
Thanks to Watch Instantly I was able to quickly remind myself why season 6 will be amazing
[Rating: 5/5]
I didn’t watch Firefly, but I think I might have enjoyed it after the movie.
[Rating: 3.5/5]
The Protector
The Protector
Twitter Movie Review text…
[Rating: 0/5]
Sliders Seasons 1 & 2
Sliders Seasons 1 & 2
The visuals are pure 90’s, but I still enjoy the story for some reason.
[Rating: 3/5]
Seaquest DSV
Seaquest DSV
A boat hasn’t been this entertaining since the Red October
[Rating: 3/5]
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Just another way to make Men in Tights funnier and Morgan Freeman is present
[Rating: 4/5]
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Podcasting The Commute

Now that I have settled into my new city and been placed on a new project at work, it is time to deal with the commute.  Please understand that this commute is by no means terrible even if it is about an hour and forty minutes each way (morning and afternoon).  The trip is a straight shot based on the MUNI (if it is running correctly that day) and BART.  I am able to have a internet connection for about 90-95% of the trip so if I need to do work I have that option.  Some may say the BART is terrible, but I am provided an easy laugh twice a day as I read the “Committed to Excellence” Oakland Raiders sign that rests on the stadium.

However, there are those days where I don’t need to do any work and I can just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Now my sister will tell me that I should pick up a book to read.  Well I have picked up a book, which is just a book I started while at the beach this summer but never finished.  It’s just that I can’t force myself to read along this trip because I’m very picky about my reading spots.  That and I’m of the generation who doesn’t know what reading is.  We won’t laugh about that in the future, but we can laugh now.

Anyway, I decided to get back into listening to podcasts on my Creative Zen Vision W, or the Betamax player as it is known on my project team.  I have been away from podcasting in general for several years so I wasn’t sure what was still out there or what new good ones were available.  Here’s a quick list of the ones I have found that I have enjoyed so far.

Podcast Name Description
DiggNation DiggNation is pretty much where my world of podcasting started out. DiggNation, hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, discusses the week’s top stories from the social news site, Digg.com. I truly enjoy the way the two hosts play off of each other and the topics can range from tech, news, sports, etc. It is usually a random assortment of “news” selected by those that post to Digg. I have listened to this podcast since it was first started as just audio. Now with video, so much more is added to the experience.
NPR 7AM News I’m not a huge fan of the news, mainly because it is usually so depressing and only certain stories are stressed in the political realm. NPR’s 7AM news report provides me a fast and effective update for the day’s news stories. The report is offered in the audio clarity that only NPR can offer and usually is not much longer than 5 minutes in length. Perfect for a quick update.
PTI Pardon The Interruption has become my true DVR pleasure. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are always entertaining and provide a quick shot of all the latest sports news. I love watching this show daily but I ran into an issue recently where I didn’t have time to watch the show each day. Thanks to the podcast, I don’t miss a beat. The audio only version of the show is not as good as the real thing but it is as close as you are going to get if you just don’t have the time to sit in front of a TV to enjoy. This one is not a push (Wilbon’s trademark).
If DiggNation was my first podcast, then This Week In Tech is my tied first. A weekly discussion of the week’s tech stories is hosted by Leo Laporte. This is truely a geek’s show but I still find my chance ot laugh and enjoy another dose of tech talk.
This Week In Google Provided by the same group that produces This Week In Tech and Security Now, TWIG (as it is known) follows the top stories related to Google or cloud computing. I’ve only had a chance to enjoy a single episode, but I did find it interesting enough to give it another shot. I’m just wondering if too much Leo Laporte in one week is good for me.
Security Now! Not long after I was listening to TWIT and DiggNation while in college, Security Now! began. I gave it a listen a few times in order to find out more within the security industry (might need this for work), but I just haven’t been able to consistently enjoy it. That basically means I’ll drop it soon, but for those that are concerned with their computer security, then give the show a chance. The show does find itself able to explain even the high level security issues so that normal users can understand them and how they could be affected.
AppJudgement DiggNation was the first of many shows to come for the Revision3 online network. For those familiar with the days of TechTV, you’ll notice many old faces. AppJudgement provides a simple review of applications or “apps” for smartphones. These reviews are for both iPhone and Android phones. Since I’m close to purchasing a smartphone (NOT AN IPHONE), I thought it’d be a great idea to begin finding some apps that I’d find useful. The show runs between 5-10 minutes so it is easy to get in, learn, and get out.
The Totally Rad Show With my enjoyment of Alex Albrecht from DiggNation (that’s too many plugs for that show), I thought I would try his second Revision3 show, The Totally Rad Show. TRS discusses movies, video games, and comic books. I tried a single episode and enjoyed it but not sure if I will continue thanks to a few of the other shows below.
CO-OP Need a review of current and future video games? Well, CO-OP is a well produced show that does just that. My introduction to the show was an older episode that discussed Uncharted 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wii since I had just played both of them recently. My time to spend playing games is not what it used to be but I might follow this show every now and then if I’m looking to find a new game to try.
InstMsgs InstMsgs had the most interesting concept in that they dramatize all things web. From instant messages to craigslist ads, they do it all. I first heard of this show from the first podcast listed above (I can’t name it again or I might have to start paying fees) and thought “Why not?” Well I jumped on for episode 8(Mad Men?) and that’s about as far as I’m going to get. The show was good and interesting but I don’t know if it is enough for me to keep going with it. Those who find lolcats funny might want to try episode 10.
iFanboy A podcast about comics? I’m so there! The discussion is sporadic in the episode (I’m only one in as of posting), but that’s the only way to describe comic book stories. Finding new comics, diving deeper into stories, or providing interviews, this is a great stop to keep up or find out more about the world of comics.
The Linux Outlaws Since moving to Linux, I wanted a chance to learn more on a more consistent basis. When I found Linux Outlaws, I thought that a podcast could be the perfect place if it was done correctly. Well I’m only one show in (Simple Doesn’t Equal Shit) and I have a few thoughts. First, I will not continue with this one if the running time is around 2 hours for each show. I need shows that are an hour or under to truly enjoy a show during the commute. Two hours is just way too much for me. Second, the content is there in this one. They discuss different flavors/distros, new application updates, and news within the Linux world. As long as the time is shortened for future episodes, I’ll continue listening along.

Anyone have any others I should try? I am interested in checking out others that are not only tech based but I do like what I like.

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Netflix Movie Reviews v7

Here’s the next set of reviews from my Netflix queue.

The Spirit
The Spirit
This is not Sin City.
[Rating: 1.5/5]
The Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Seven
My bromance with Steve McQueen continues.
[Rating: 4.5/5]
The Hangover
The Hangover
Maybe not as funny as everyone made it out to be (over hyped) but still truly funny
[Rating: 4/5]
The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth
An ugly movie that I wish I had not finished
[Rating: 0/5]
Sudden Death
Sudden Death
This is no Bloodsport, but man I still enjoy it.
[Rating: 3.5/5]
IT Crowd
IT Crowd: Season 2
Decent British comedy, but not as good as season 1
[Rating: 3/5]
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The Blind Side

The Blind Side

I don’t really know why this movie looked interesting to me. I already knew how it would end. I hate fake southern accents. And it is filled with coaches I didn’t like from teams I hate. Well, it looks like it was a good move to see this movie.

The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher, who was a homeless African American kid that was taken in by a well off white family.  Due to Oher’s large size, he was a perfect fit for football and the rest of the movie sells itself.

Now let me start by saying that I could have done without the first few minutes of the movie even though I didn’t see it because my eyes were closed.  I just didn’t need to see the Theismann leg break.  Sure I was told they didn’t show it, but I didn’t want to make the mistake because it is just scary to watch.

Also, it is sad to see great coaches perform so badly in acting.  I mean, how hard can it be to portray yourself?  You are acting as yourself and you fail?  That is just epic failure.

Other than those negatives, the movie was funny, heartfelt, and provided me a great message that I need to start timing all homeless people to see their 40 yard time.  If you have nothing else to see, check it out.  Oh yeah, I knew I was in California watching this movie when no one understood the Bear Bryant joke.

[Rating: 3/5]

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