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Dear Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

While walking to work earlier this week, I happened upon a woman who was starting her day with music from the world’s most popular music player. Now I can’t guarantee it was an iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, or whatever the next overpriced item maybe, but I can guarantee she was using those white earbuds that come with each fruity musical purchase.

Now let me preface the rest of this letter that I have never been a fan of Apple. I don’t own any “i” or “mac” product nor will I. I personally believe that the products are overpriced for the functions they perform. The “mac” products are even farther away from my wallet since the extra charges for beauty can also be provided with open source (FREE) alternatives. However, it is a free world for the consumer and they can purchase whatever they so choose. But with all of my negatives, I must state that Steve Jobs, good or bad, has done so much to spread the modern age of music to the world.

With that being said, I believe that Steve better begin working on the next input devices for his devices that will be centered around touch, smell, or sight. Basically anything not related to hearing because all of his consumers will soon be death or at least everyone around them will be. Those white earbuds are going to kill everyone’s hearing and that’s coming from someone that loves to turn up the music loud and “rock” out. But its not good when, back to my original story above, that I could hear every lyric perfectly and the earbuds were NOT IN MY EARS. In college, I remember sitting 5 rows (yes 5 rows) away from someone using the same earbuds and the same result.

Steve, you claim to be a music purist, an audiophile. You stated:

“I’m an audiophile. I’ve had stereos costing, well I won’t say because you’ll think I’m crazy. But, costing a lot more. And, I’m thinking of getting rid of mine for this.”

Maybe there should be less iPod HiFi and more work providing people with better earbuds that actually push the sounds into the ear instead of to everyone around them. The thought might have been that if others heard the music they’d be interested in the device. Just the opposite is true. When I hear the music from 3+ feet away, I want to rip the earbuds out, stomp on the device, and promptly smile at the sound of silence.

Just spend the extra 20 dollars or so and provide decent headphones. Your consumers won’t even notice the extra price since it is only a two digit number change.

Sincerely a non-customer,

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