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Importance of an Identity

Ok, so recently I made it known for my dislike on the current direction of facebook and not so promptly deleted my account….and then created another account to start anew. With that account running in full public force, I wanted to further explain the reason for the change by not really explaining it.

Facebook, like many of the other social sites, is in the business of making money and staying in business. As a site that is quickly becoming the home for one’s identity on the web, one needs to understand what an identity entails and why it is important.

Now according to a quick google search, an identity is “the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known.”

For my purposes here, I want to split up the explanation and value of an identity into two main components: personal and business.

The business identity is probably the easiest to explain and handle as it is being managed by one’s employer. Essentially, the business identity describes:

  • who you are at your company or place of employment
  • what you can and can’t do
  • who you report to and who reports to you

Now the most important part of this description is item 2. Access is the key that opens the doors for all of the work you are intended to perform, but it can also be the key that refuses to unlock the systems or information that are outside of your acceptable range. If you are writing checks, should you be able to cash them? If you work in the graphics department, do you really need to access the HR or Finance systems? Of course not and there in lies the worth/value of one’s identity at a business. Without valuing that worth, terrible things can happen by preventing you from doing your job or someone attempting the company from being able to do theirs.

In the current world of sharing as much information as possible online, people quickly lose site of how valuable the personal identity can be. The quickest explanation could be provided when discussing identity theft. With just a few basic tidbits of information, an identity can be stolen.

Take a quick second to think about security questions that you are asked in order to verify yourself and all of the passwords you currently have to remember. Got them? Good. Now go look at all of the public information you have provided online via Facebook, Twitter, etc. If I wanted to guess your passwords or security question answers, how long might it take me if armed with a quick look at one’s online profiles? If you are now (hopefully) rushing to remove certain elements of your profile, good for you, but you need to realize that maybe you should not have placed that information there first. This is basically why I made my facebook profile default privacy settings as public because it forces me to rethink anything that I post. If I wouldn’t scream the information from a megaphone, why would I post it online via a website controlled by some 3rd party?

Still doubting any of what I have said about your personal identity? Just quickly use one of the many people search sites out there and be prepared to be scared within the few seconds it takes for the search to return. Now that was for free and even more information can be returned by paying a small fee to retrieve public records.

I guess basically my rant here is to think before you post and protect your identity no matter if it is based in your personal or business life.

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The Proposal (non-movie)

Ok this was not the originally planned next post, but this will help me cut down on the slight repetition of retelling the story of my recent engagement to May. It may be a little long to read, but I’m hoping its entertaining. Enjoy

May: Earlier in the week Ben asked me if I would go on a date with him. We had just gotten in a huge fight over the weekend and he said it would be nice to spend some time together just the two of us. We had been going out a lot between all the weddings we attend and friends coming to visit – which we love – but just had not been spending much quality time as a couple. Between our schedules we decided Thursday (April 15 – Tax Day) would work best.

Ben: I chose Tax Day as the best way to keep her from noticing the true nature of the date night. I knew I could offset her by saying we could spend some of my tax return by having a nice evening together.

May: Thursday morning on my way to class I remembered that I still had not talked to my dad in Boston about my upcoming graduation so I gave him a call. Little did I know that Ben had just called him the previous day. So when my dad answered in a very excited voice, I was a little surprised. He asked if I had anything to tell him – to which I responded, “Well, yeah. I’m graduating.” Then his voice dropped a little and he asked if there was anything special going on with Ben and I – to which I responded, “No. Ben’s fine, I’m fine, we’re fine.” Then my dad says, “Oh, didn’t Ben tell you he called me yesterday?” To which I exclaimed “NO!” and he responds with a quick “Oh! I should stop talking now.” Then of course he not so subtly proceeds to gush about what a wonderful guy Ben is and how happy he is that I am with him.

Ben: All my careful planning and it could have been thrown away in a few seconds.

May: This is about the time that I start to freak out! I knew the only reason Ben would call my dad is to ask permission to marry me. I was so excited but I didn’t know when it would happen and I knew I could never let Ben know that I had found out. I always seem to find out about surprises too early. I also didn’t know how long I could keep my composure and was worried that I would just burst if he waited another couple months and I had to pretend to be none the wiser. I called my cousin Janet who sounded so unenthusiastic and unconvinced about the whole ordeal that I was crushed.

Ben: Janet was unenthusiastic because she was one of my many spies and aides. She called me immediately worried that everything was falling apart. I didn’t worry. I could easily explain away my call to her dad if needed. I informed Janet I would just say that I was attempting to see if he could fly out for graduation.

May: I chatted with my close friend Erin online about the spoiler and she managed to turn it into a whole ordeal about how mad she was that she was not included in the planning of it all. This made me feel even worse! Why were all the people around me being so mean?

Ben: Again, spies and aides.

May: Why couldn’t they just be happy for me???

Ben: Because I called them to assess any further damage control on the secret of the evening being spilled.

And why wouldn’t any of my other friends answer their phones???? Although it did cross my mind (which I mentioned to Erin) that maybe, just maybe, EVERYONE was in on it and they all knew!!!

Ben: Insert wink here.

May: I would pride myself on my cleverness but in truth, every single possible scenario of what could be happening and what might happen buzzed through my head all day long. I got to school and I confided in a friend who managed to get my excitement up again without getting too excited – though that was hard to keep control of. I went to work but I couldn’t concentrate on anything all day! Despite the spoiler, I was pretty convinced it was not happening that evening. There was a small glimmer of hope but I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen.

Ben: I made sure to head home early to get ready and to calm myself down for any nervousness that would begin to hit me as we moved closer to time. When May continued to ask where we were going, I continued to answer Carl’s Jr (Hardees to those east coasters). She sounded still thrilled to go and they do make a tasty burger.

May: I rushed to get ready after arriving home from work late. I became increasingly frustrated when my roommate, Lindsay, refused to come downstairs so that I could ask to borrow her dress.

Ben: Lindsay has a terrible poker face and attempted to stay on the phone and away from May in order to give away nothing. It’s a shocker she made it that long.

May: Ben took me out to our favorite restaurant in San Francisco, Cappanina. It is one of the first SF restaurant dates we ever had, via a recommendation from our friend Jim, during my first year of law school. We had an amazing meal – the works!

Ben: Part of dinner was a gift from me and flowers waiting for us at the table. Bless you opentable for making my life easy. The gift was a book that she already had. Around the time when we first started dating, we traded favorite books in hopes to “educate” the other. She finished mine, Invisible Monsters, rather quickly while I’ve put off Catch-22 until…well…now. Thanks to the power of the audiobook and my daily commute I was able to comply with a request for me that May had probably forgotten. She was thrilled to hear that I had finally read it and I was just thrilled to finally be able to discuss it since one can find a Catch-22 anywhere and everywhere.

May: Yay, he read a book!

Ben: I even snuck in a Foursquare checkin at the restuarant. I was so proud to see that I was now the mayor. This was truly myour night.

May: After dinner, it was getting a bit late and I was tired so when Ben asked if I wanted to go out after dinner I said that I’d really be happy just going home and watching a movie. So we headed out.

Ben: I made sure to play dumb on the best way to go home as my next planned stop was….well…planned.

May: The route home takes us towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The exit to our house is immediately before you cross the toll to actually get on the bridge. I kept telling Ben to get over or he would miss the exit and when he finally tried to get over we nearly got side swiped by another vehicle – thank goodness we didn’t – and missed the exit. Little did I know this was all a part of the master plan (minus the nearly dying part)!

Ben: For the record I paid that car to do it. It was the best way to throw May off and we practiced the almost crash for weeks. Ok, I was just an idiot and I was nervous. We are all ok now.

May: We are crossing the bridge and I suggest that since it was a clear night we should drive up to the overlook point on Hawk Hill (Marin Headlands). This was apparently Ben’s plan all along!

Ben: She makes my life so easy.

May: We get out and are enjoying the beautiful view. It is a clear night and the city and the Golden Gate Bridge are just lit up and glittering (best view I could find from Google, follow the road off the bridge). I get a little cold and suggest that we get back in the car, but Ben insists we stay out and he wraps his jacket around me. We stay out there a little longer and as I start to head back towards the car he drops down on one knee. I look down at him stunned.

Ben: Here’s the actual conversation at this point. Please keep in mind that the ring I am holding is a little toy ring.

May: Shut up! Get up! That’s not funny! Shut up! Are you serious??? That’s not funny!

Ben: I am serious! Will you marry me?


Ben: I was nervous enough to put the toy ring on the wrong finger. No one is perfect.

May: I had always told him that I would be perfectly happy if he proposed with a toy ring and let me go pick out a real one – I can be a bit picky! Then of course came the crying and happy kisses. We sat out on the lookout point a while longer while he explained to me how he had been planning this for quite a long time and how pretty much everyone was in on it!… all the people who had been so mean earlier in the day were just trying frantically to do some damage control while alerting Ben to the possible spoiler!

Ben: I really enjoyed the part where she was perfectly content with the toy ring for about 20 minutes and not knowing that anything else even existed.

May: We got back in the car and Ben looked at me and asked if I would like an upgrade to my ring. He pulled out a small box and I got really excited. I told him to ask me again. As he opened the box, he asked will you marry me and I exclaimed YES the second I saw the beautiful glittering rings inside.

Ben: I quickly reminded her that she had to actually look at me when she provided the answer and not the ring.

May: I looked at him and said ‘yes’ and started crying all over again. I was so excited and everything was just so perfect. I just don’t know how everyone who knew managed to keep it a secret for so long! Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful night for us! It was perfect!

Ben: Yay me!

End scene. Man, I’m glad that’s over. I’m emotionally spent now.

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Where am I?

Much like one of my close counterparts, I too have been away from posting for far too long. I’m not promising anything life changing here, but at least it is more than a heartbeat to let people know I’m here. So like many posts where I try not to say too much, here are the fast facts.

  • I upgraded my old phone and am now enjoying life with my Android powered device. Sure it has its cons, but doesn’t every phone? Next path will be to attempt to build my own app for it and see if anyone is willing to download and/or buy it. I doubt the second part of that. Here’s hoping I can put together a better future post talking about apps and how this phone really measures up.
  • My newest side project will move any of my future movie posts to The AC Guild or Amateur Critics Guild. I’m hoping to push this really hard because it has been a thrill to create so far. If you don’t believe me, just head over to the About page and enjoy the most random ramblings you will find as well as a good picture or two.
  • I’ve just picked up the new The Rocket Summer album. I’m not enjoying as much as the past ones, but it still has a few fun tunes. Check out Nothing Matters.
  • In keeping up with my Falcons from my new west coast location, I’m pumped with the new addition of the Falcons family, Daunta Robinson. Now we just need a fearsome pass rusher and other teams will fear the days they have to face us. Saints, we will knock you down first.
  • I just enjoyed a wonderful weekend snowboarding in Mammoth. I’m no Shaun White, but I think I’m doing quite well for only having been two times now. The new board, bindings, and boots worked out great. Anyone ready for a fall trip now? Possible picture and video to come later depending on when the one who took the pictures and video lets me get my hands on them.
  • I’m a little behind the times, but thanks to a great deal, I just picked up the God of War collection pack. Sure I’ll be stuck playing God of War while everyone else is enjoying God of War 3. That’s fine. I enjoying playing games on the cheap.
  • The greatest candy time of the year as arrived once again. I’ve already begun stock piling as many as I can. I will note that the bunny shaped Reese’s are quite good as well so please don’t write them off. You still can write off the smaller easter eggs though. They just aren’t the same as the big ones.

Possible future posts?

  • NFL Draft Preview – Sorry Mike.
  • All things Android
  • My Music History – Have had this one in the works for a long time so we know that it will probably wait longer as well.
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The Roadtrip

After countless people asking for an update (actually just one), I realized I needed to update people on the second half of my move to the west coast, aka SF, aka San Francisco.

On the Sunday following Christmas, my brother left Warner Robins, GA and embarked on the westward bound journey to our final destination. Our route would take us along I-40 (what is now Route 66) and to a few great Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Google can provide you the highlevel view of the trip. Armed with a southern snack pack (Georgia Pecans, cashews, oatmeal raisin cookies, and leftover holiday candy) and one heck of a roadtrip playlist (I could have done more), we set forth on the open road.

The trip may seem like an intolerable distance at 2,695 miles, but we were able to break it up into about 4-5 hour segments which provided great sanity and the ability to switch drivers at the point where one may not be able to take it much longer. The easiest way to talk about the trip is based on my brother’s well thought out plan.

——Day 1——
Warner Robins, GA –> Conway, Arkansas
Distance:  642 miles
Estimated Time:  10hr 16min


  • Bryan had the coffee to start (didn’t realize Dunkin Doughnuts opened that early), but I was the first behind the wheel.
  • As we entered the state of Alabama I could already smell the confidence of the crimson tide nation.  We passed a huge Bama convoy of 3 RV’s in length.
  • One of the few times we were off our directions, we encountered an amazing site.  We saw at least 8 Bingo halls within a 1.5 mile stretch of road.
  • Lunch stop in Memphis for BBQ at Interstate BBQ.  They had some of the best coleslaw I’ve ever had.
  • Memphis has a pyramid?
  • Mississippi has the worst interstate I’ve ever seen.  I think it was just some crushed rocks.
  • The popular thing to do on the Mississippi interstate is to pull over, walk into the woods, and go hunting.  No seriously.
  • In Arkansas, I really had to fit the urge not to drive to a certain university and destroy He Who Shall Not Be Named.  I really do hate him.
  • There really is nothing to Little Rock.  Maybe I just blinked.
  • As you will see in the photo gallery, we would stop at random sites for a crazy picture or we would just stay warm in the car and take pictures.
  • For dinner, we asked the waiter about the remainder of our trip.  “There is nothing after OK City.”  Oh joy.  Oh bliss.

——Day 2——
Conway, Arkansas –> Albuquerque, New Mexico
Distance:  851 miles
Estimated Time: 13hr 10min


  • We cross into Texas for only 5 minutes when the radio begins to play “Waltz Across Texas” by Ernest Tubb.  Why does my brother know that song?
  • Cattleman’s was worth it.  Now that is truly how a steak should be done.  The waiter asked if we wanted dessert and my response was easily “Does the dessert have steak in it?  No?  Then I don’t want it.”
  • Yet again, we asked our waiter about what to expect for the remainder of our drive.  Again we received the “nothing.”
  • In OK City, we did encounter snow on the ground left over from their “blizzard” from a few days prior but nothing that impacted us really.
  • Cadillac Ranch is not as amazing as pictures make it out to be.  We actually passed it and I almost missed it because is roughly only 10 cars standing upright and it was on the other side of the road.
  • Nothing out there.  No really.  There is nothing during this part of the trip.
  • No roadtrip is complete without someone in the car playing the Alphabet Game. You know the one where you go through the alphabet trying to find things that start with that letter.  First one to the end wins.  Well, we started the game as a joke, but of course it turned into an actual competition.  Naturally, we both became stuck at Q.  The game seemed to “stop” for a few hours (there really was nothing).  After some time, in the distance I saw a DQ that quickly disappeared behind a mountain.  I quickly began telling some boring story to distract Bryan until it appeared behind the….QUEEN.  That’s my Q.  Of course at that point the game was over because we had been concentrating on the remaining letters until the bottleneck was fixed.  That’s right baby.  I won.
  • At some point in Texas, we passed that Bama convoy again.  Roll Tide.
  • It was about this point in the trip when we realized it would have been a smart/cool idea to take picture of each state’s welcome sign.  A little late to start of course.
  • When it was UGA bowl game time, we stopped the playlist to begin AM searching.  Surprisingly, we were able to find the game.  Sure the game when in and out and there was a constant scanning, but we were able to hear the majority of the game.  When it really got bad and we were desperate, I pulled out the Blackberry (yes, there was a data signal) and the laptop (yes, there was a data signal.  no seriously).
  • When we arrived at the hotel, we asked for a few good places to eat.  Naturally, we were recommended a few authentic New Mexican food establishments that we jumped at the opportunity of trying.  Bad choice.  I mean really bad.  The menu stated items would be hot which I’ve seen before but I was not prepared.  The complimentary salsa and chips were the first clues of what we were in for.  That was the salsa that kept on giving, and like an Alzheimer’s patient (yeah, I stole that joke), I would return to the scene of the crime for more.  When it was time to order the main courses, we were informed of the New Mexican way:  red vs green sauce.  We jumped at the sauce that was the least hot.  Apparently it didn’t matter because we were in for a night and day of hurting regardless.

——Day 3——
Albuquerque, New Mexico –>Bakersfield, CA
Distance:  803 miles
Estimated Time:  13hrs


  • With signs pointing to Santa Fe, NM, I called my sister to tell her that we wouldn’t be stopped to see if Cowboy really made it.
  • We also made the effort to call our father to gloat about taking the right path.  Before we left, many people urged us to change our route due to bad winter weather.  If we had changed our route, we would have been hit by a terrible blizzard on I-20 instead of the amazing weather we received.
  • Visually, this was probably the best part of the trip because the scenery was more attractive.
  • Lunch was served at a Cracker Barrel.  That’s just good food even if I am nothing more than an eg-no-rameous according to there little game of sticks.
  • Since the Cracker Barrel was so close to the Grand Canyon, we asked our waitress if it was an easy drive and all of the roads were open.  She informed us it wasn’t far and all roads were open when she took a trip to the southern point yesterday.  Of course, she did warn us that we might be cold upon arriving as it was in the low teens if not colder.  My brother was wearing a t-shirt and I had a light long sleeve shirt.
  • The Grand Canyon was well worth it.  It was just amazing at how big and beautiful it really was.  The snow added a nice touch in parts too.  Of course, there were sections that did not have guardrails and some people seemed to enjoy testing their limits.  Testing limits at the Grand Canyon with ice covered walkways is not wise.  Just wanted to point that out.
  • Of course, California would have border control.  We stopped and were asked if we had any agriculture products.  I of course stated I had a pomegranate.  “Did you buy it at a store?  (I nod yes)  What do we do with pomegranates?  Well I guess if I don’t know, there’s no problem with it.”  Good thing nothing was said about the Georgia pecans or there would have been a real fight.
  • After entering California, my brother pointed out to me windmills that apparently had no meaning because the politicos couldn’t figure out how/where to use the power.  Well that’s just brilliant.
  • For dinner, we were going to stop at a Burger King at a trucker stop intersection (gas stations and food).  However, when we pulled into the parking lot, we realized no one else was inside, but the Restaurant (that was the name) next door was packed.  Our minds were quickly changed and we enjoyed an “authentic” restaurant meal.  It was pretty good.
  • Edwards Air Force Base is huge.  Like really, really huge.

——Day 4——

Bakersfield, CA –> San Francisco, CA
Distance:  283 miles
Estimated Time:  4hrs 42min


  • The drive to San Francisco from Bakersfield showed California from a different light (non-Hollywood and non-crazies).  This scenery was filled with every type of crop you can imagine.  I saw it all and even some that I had no clue what it was.  I’d still like to find out what was being grown on the side of the hills.
  • This is probably the only time during the entire trip that we actually lost cell phone service.  Now when I state that, please realize that I mean both myself and my brother lost service (Verizon vs AT&T).  During other parts of the trip, I would be at full bars and he would have nothing, and vice versa.
  • While on the phone with grandmother, Bryan asks “Are we in San Francisco?”  Ummm…..no.  That would be Oakland and make sure not to make that confusion with the locals.  They’ll hate it.
  • We have arrived.

The rest of the day was filled with relaxing (until May’s flight arrived) and a few sight seeing moments (Golden Gate Bridge, Seven Sisters, etc.).  Check out the pictures for more of the tourist sites that we visited.

I’m here in my new home and now I just have to continue settling.

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Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay

I’m not even a week into my new relocation but I thought I’d take the time to give those interested an update on the San Francisco Move: Phase 1.

I arrived in SF late Tuesday night.  With a light load at work, most of the week was spent at home preparing my new room.  With my new tv (46 inch Bravia), bed, and dresser, my room quickly started to come together and feel like my new home.

Friday I headed to the SF office.  I knew that I would probably not meet many new co-workers, but I thought it would be nice to start learning my way around the office area.  I also needed to receive my new badge.  The day started poorly with checking into an incorrect desk, but thanks to Guest Services, I was able to find a great seat overlooking the bay.  Work went by quickly with few in person meetings, but many reached out to me online to welcome me and that was appreciated.

After work, I met May at a near by Muni station.  While waiting on her, I was able to enjoy the sound of a marching band (a subsection of University of California’s) play Holiday songs and some Chicago.  This was something I never had the chance to enjoy in Atlanta because it was not a walkable or transit friendly city.  Once May arrived, we headed for dinner and a movie.

Saturday meant a day of football (go Bama) and then meeting up with one of my roommate’s friends for a birthday dinner.  Dinner was simply amazing.  I don’t think I have had a bad meal yet with all of my trips here.  This dinner was to Koh Samui & the Monkey.  I’m not usually in the mood for thai food but I’m told that’s because I’ve never had the chance to enjoy good thai food.  Well those people were quite right.  I enjoyed the Bag of Gold appetizer, based on the birthday boy’s recommedation, and the Miracle Duck.  I must state that the combination of pineapple and red curry sauce is the greatest thing this planet has to offer.  Maybe I’m overhyping it but everyone who tried it loved it just as much.

Today meant that I needed to find a good location to watch my Falcons play (we lost, I don’t want to talk about it).  I found a few locations that had the Sunday NFL ticket, but the closest was the Mucky Duck Pub.  It’s quite weird to go to a pub at 10:30 in the morning on Sunday to watch a football game.  I was not the only person there.  I quickly developed ADD with so many TVs showcasing so many different games but it was a great experience.  Two Eagles fans were present and they were great to have around even if we lost and lost bad.  I quickly realized I had found a great location to watch any and every NFL game that I would need.

As I said at the start, I’m barely a week into this change in my life, but I’m enjoying it.  I miss friends and family, of course, but I’m excited to call a new city home.  I’ll need to continue to get out to meet people and learn the best parts of the Golden Gate City.

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After years of wishing and hoping, I was finally able to dress as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I may not have been my favorite, but a turtle is a turtle.

The party was great and the costumes were even better. I was unable to defend my Best Costume 2008 award, but the Democrat deserved the award for staying in character all night. I am jealous for not receiving a Nobel Peace Prize since he was handing them out to everyone.

Overall, I believe the Double Dare couple was the best. I mean, it was so simple yet so perfect. I wanted to throw my drink at them any time I was nearby so that I could win the physical challenge.

I was also shocked at how many people could tell that my shell was a papasan chair. I did receive several compliments and that was without being noticed as the guy that also brought the pizza to the party.

The party was great and the costumes keep getting better every year.

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My Netbook

There’s a new member of my computer family. The new bundle of joy arrived on Wednesday afternoon and has amazed all of those that have seen it in person.  That’s right peeps.  I’m the proud owner of a netbook.


My original intent was not to get a netbook, but to possibly purchase a new mp3 player.  However, most of the ones I found were not better than my current Creative Zen Vision W.  I wanted my new player to be able to play music and videos as well as provide the basic ability to surf the web.  After looking at my options, it seemed that a netbook could produce the same results.  Therefore, I purchased the ASUS Eee PC. For those unable to click the previous link, here are the basic stats on it.

  • 40GB Solid State Drive (No moving parts and less weight)
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor
  • 2 GB RAM (I upgraded during the purchase and installed myself)
  • 6 Cell Battery (long life)
  • Linux (Xandros or Debian variant)

Now before we go any farther, this technological wonder needs a name.  For those that are truly unfortunate to know me, understand that I name my pieces of tech based on, what else, but super heroes (Inventory =>  Old Desktop: Lantern1, Old Laptop: Gray Ghost, New Desktop: Black Panther/Lantern, Media Hard Drive: Cerebro).  The netbook’s name is so perfect that I love to share it.  Based on the color and processor mentioned above, I dub thee Black Atom. It is a combination name based on both Black Adam and The Atom. Bring on the geek jokes.

For those living in fear of Linux because you heard it is “difficult,” then this netbook is perfect for you.  Out of the box and fully charged, Black Atom runs like a charm.  It comes with all of the necessary software already installed and configured for your daily use, such as a browser (Firefox), Office Suite (StarOffice), Music Player (Amarok), Instant Messenger (Pidgin and Skype with web cam ability), Photo Organizer (Picasa) and Video Player (Kaffeine).  The interface is trimmed to not pose as a full desktop.  Some people may hate that, but I think for those non-techies it is perfect for what a netbook is used to do and it gives those techies the perfect ability to make the needed changes through back channels.

ASUS Netbook Interface

Now on to tweaking Black Atom to my liking (opening the Linux up more for my use, adding my music, installing extra software, etc.). I will leave you with a quick video I made of the machine starting up (notice the speed that comes with a solid state drive) and walking through the interface.

For future reference, here are a few great links that are helping me make Black Atom into the machine I want it to be.

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Help Send David Away…

…To Zambia.

As the press release states, my good buddy David is leaving the country. I’m not truly sure why since it is in such perfect shape now, but that’s a different story for a different day on a different site.

In order to aid in the extradition transfer of this wonderful American and great guy, he is calling on the help of as many people his voice, his brother’s voice, and any one else’s voice can reach. You could even get a cool t-shirt out of the whole deal.

If you have the time, if you have the funds, if you have anything you can do to help, take the time and effort to help however you can. Please use the information contained on the press release for donations or best wishes.

Feel free to join the Facebook group as well.

Thanks in advance and did I mention the press release that you should read?

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Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger I do not have.

Late last year, a few people noticed that I had a raised bump located on my left eye. After much prodding from the girlfriend, I finally made an appointment to see what the issue was. Here‘s a quick photo of what I looked like during this period. You can easily notice that something is up with my eyes. Of course, this was only after a second bump appeared under my right eye. It turned out that the bumps were styes. These can be ordinary for some people, but mine were not in ordinary locations (on my left eyelid and under my right eye). After countless drugs and steroids (I’m a user and abuser), I chose to undergo a minor procedure to have them removed because they were irritating my eyes and killed my “beautiful face.”

I’m not going to lie. The procedure hurt. A needle is used to inject the substance to numb the area around my eye. It’s an intense burning pain that lasts about 5 seconds. Normally I can just make a tight grip to get beyond most pain, but this was a different type altogether. Anyway, all other aspects of the procedure were quick and painless and I was on my way. Now, on my way meant I was Pirate Ben for the day and looked like I had just lost a fight to my girlfriend.

For those interested in the gross and disgusting, here is a quick link to some youtube videos showing the procedure being performed. I highly recommend the squeamish turn away (this means you Will). Even I was disgusted and I had already gone through the procedure.

Check out the Pictures section for the after shots of my eyes.

Overall moral of the story? Take Care Of Your Eyes!

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This past Saturday, May and I headed to midtown Atlanta to take a mutal friend out to eat for her birthday.  During our sushi/birthday adventure we enountered a moral dilema/karma moment.

As we headed back to my car, Erin spotted a set of keys sitting on top of a car that was parked behind mine.  We lightly joked that these keys might belong to one of the cars in the area.  I picked them up and pushed the “lock” button.  Sure enough, the keys locked the vehicle that were located under the keys.  Oops.  At this point in time, we had three basic theories on why the keys were here.

  1. Due to the current recession someone was actually looking for the car to be stolen in order to cash in on the insurance because the current payments could not be made for the car.
  2. This was a pay it forward moment.  I mean, it was a Lexus.
  3. Stupid moments happen from time to time and this was one of those REALLY stupid moments.

Basically at this point we chose to go with option 3.  In order to produce good karma for all three of us, we chose to do something about it.  We wrote a short note stating that we locked the keys in the car for “safety.”  The owner might not have liked this option because they would have to pay for a locksmith, but at least this way they would still have a car (barring that option 1 wasn’t the correct one).  The note was left on the driver’s seat folded so that the words “Read Me!” were plain to see.

As we drove away, we all encountered a great sense of moral victory.  Go us!  We are good Samaritans without the need for a reward.  My only regret is not leaving a phone number to ensure that the car’s owner made it home safely that night from downtown.

Besides this interesting encounter, I visited the High Museum for the first time in order to view the Terracotta army.  Sorry for no pictures of them but no cameras allowed in the exhibit.

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