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2010 NFL Draft Recap

Well, another NFL draft comes to a close. This one came with a new prime time format and an ending that was saved for Saturday as opposed to Sunday. While I am not a proponent of the Thursday night start time (really sucks for those west coasters), I loved the fact that the first round flew by in about 3 1/2 hours. That’s definitely better than the normal 5 hours we have endured in the past. Of course, the first round is is even more enjoyable when one has a KFC Double Down to keep you company (better than one might expect).

Enough of those pointless remarks. I need to get to the point on my overall thoughts. I’ll start with the Falcons first as they were my true purpose in watching the draft. My night didn’t start off well once the Eagles were on the clock as they went after my main target of Brandon Graham. However, at least my second prediction came true as the Falcons welcomed the latest member of the family, Sean Weatherspoon (Falcons introduction video). SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sean’s presence fills a hole that will VERY soon need to be filled for Stephen Nichols or Mike Peterson.

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. This format doesn’t work. Let’s just list and discuss.

Player Description

Sean Weatherspoon
Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri
Round 1, Pick 19 (19 overall)

If I can’t have Graham, I’d love to get SPOON!!!!!!! After the draft a two years ago and Curtis Lofton, the Falcons now have the next beast of the linebacking core who will control the outside of the field. Watching some of his highlights, I have become pumped for this year’s season.

Corey Peters
Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky
Round 3, Pick 19 (83 overall)

After taking Peria Jerry last year with the first round pick, adding another Defensive Tackle puzzled me slightly. However, I thought about the pick and the need and it started to sink in better for me. When Jerry went out early due to season ending injury, the interior of the line was hurting. The free agency pool during the season was slim to none due to other major injuries around the league. Depth is needed and Peters gives us just that. Check out the highlights here.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson, OG, Alabama
Round 3, Pick 34 (98 overall)

Once I get out of the first round, like most people, I realize I have no information about any of the new draft choices. Therefore, I went to my best scout for the Crimson Tide. His response when I simply said “Mike Johnson. Go.” was just as simple. “All American, Leader, Versatile, National Champion prepped by Saban.” Hmmm….I’d say that is exactly the description I needed as the Falcons are preparing to build a offensive line to protect the franchise Matty Ice. Johnson is projected as a guard but has had time at the tackle position. Check out the highlights here.

Joe HawleyJoe Hawley, OL, UNLV
Round 4, Pick 19 (117 overall)


Again, the thoughts provided for Johnson above work here as well. The Falcons needed to continue building the line and Hawley helps add that depth. Same Baker was a welcome addition the same year as Ryan, but his inability to stay healthy has provided weaknesses in the line that we can’t afford. Hawley is projected as a center, but can also play guard.

Dominque FranksDominque Franks, CB, Oklahoma
Round 5, Pick 4 (135 overall)

Note: This pick was due to a trade with St. Louis for fifth (149) and sixth (189) round picks.

Even with the addition of Dunta Robinson, the Falcons still need to find that corner for the other side of the field. Is it Grimes? Is it Owens? Is it Williams? Is it Jackson? Is it now Franks? Regardless of who it will be, I believe that the competition at training camp should be a great one. I’m just hoping that Grimes stays on the team so I can continue to see this highlight again and again. Franks was expected to be off the board much earlier than this so maybe we were able to get a great deal. Check out highlights here.

Kerry MeierKerry Meier, WR, Kansas
Round 5, Pick 34 (165 overall)

When discussing this player another current Falcon just might come to mind. “Meier is a flat-out football player. He started off his career as a quarterback at Kansas and had some early success. But an injury cost him his starting job and he moved to wide receiver in 2007. All Meier did was go out and set a school record for career receptions. He played all three receiver positions, got some work as a fullback and H-back, served as the holder on place kicks and even still got some time as a backup quarterback.” Sounds like Brian “The Finn” Finneran to me. Finn is getting old and has filled many needs for the Falcons over the years. Looks like now it is time to start thinking younger. Nice little catch here. Maybe we can get a few more of those.

Shann SchillingerShann Schillinger, S, Montana
Round 6, Pick 2 (171 overall)

I really have nothing here. I can see this as depth and I can see this as just adding another player that can relate with Kroy Beirmann and his time at Montana. Heck, if he can be as productive as Biermann has been for a late rounder, then I’d say this is a steal. Can’t complain on his speed either for a sixth rounder (4.51 and 4.53 40-yard dash).

Now with the picks out of the way, it is time to grade the draft in a way that is meaningless because we are only a day removed and have no way of knowing what will happen here. I’m guessing not having a second round pick really hurt us. With that being said, I’m giving the Falcons a C/C+. Sure, we addressed the LB and OL needs, but where is the defensive end? The secondary was destroyed last season because of no pressure on the opposing quarterback. Look at the results from 2008 and 2009. In 2008 we were all over the quarterback. In 2009, most quarterbacks were building new homes behind their lines. A Van Gorder defense is built around a strong pass rush. I guess we are hoping to see more production out of the line we have and have more faith in the newly built secondary. Let’s just hope it all works out for the best.

UGA Note: The following players were taken from the University of Georgia.

  • Rennie Curran, LB to Tennessee Titans. Round 3, Pick 33 (97 Overall)
  • Geno Atkins, DT to Cincinnati Bengals. Round 4, Pick 22 (120 Overall)
  • Reshad Jones, S to Miami Dolphins. Round 5, Pick 32 (163 Overall)
  • Jeff Owens, DT to Philadelphia Eagles. Round 7, Pick 36 (243 Overall)
  • Kade Weston, DT to New England Patriots. Round 7, Pick 41 (248 Overall)
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