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Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

I’ll leave this review short since I’m so late to seeing this movie (over a month old).

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was probably one of my least favorite books so I was skeptical of how I would receive the movie.  However, I think the Potter movies are continuing to get better.  This could be due to the acting skills getting better for the kids that have grown up on screen for us or that the subject of each book/movie has allowed the presentation to age for the better.

David Yates is the man at the helm for the final chapters of the Potter saga and I believe he gets it.  He allows a good collection of the elements that made the books so entertaining:  humor, awkward situations as the kids grow, fear, action, etc.  Here’s hoping that he can also make the final chapter (my true least favorite book) come alive on the big screen.

The one drawback to this movie for me was that I felt more emotional connection during the chase scene within the fields than I did at the final climax of the movie.  This is odd for those that know what happened.  It should have been the reverse but I just didn’t feel it like I should have.

[Rating: 4/5]

As a side note, I was able to see this movie at the Chinese Mann Theater in LA.  Sure, it wasn’t the main screen where all of the premiers take place, but it was still cool to attend.  It’s amazing how great a screen can look and sound with the right technology behind it.  This theater also had the new D-BOX seats.  I didn’t try them (not for $20 at least), but my seats were close enough to “feel” the experience.  I’d say overall it seems more like a novelty than a great way to see a movie.

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Will Says:
August 24th, 2009 at 10:21 pm

I thought the movie failed where the book excelled.

Remind me, what was the movie titled? Oh, yes, “The Half Blood Prince”. How many minutes were devoted to that strain of the thought? Not enough.

The book deceives the reader about the identity of the HBP only to reveal how deep intwined the actual character is into the life of Potter.

Not to mention, the ending with Snape and Potter underneath the tower was completely different from the book and takes the cinematic plot in a completely different direction than the books.

I’ve only seen three of the movies and so far, I haven’t felt much fulfillment.

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