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Green Lantern’s Light

For quite some time I’ve wanted to write about something dealing with Green Lantern. He (or they) is (are) a superhero within the DC universe and is easily my favorite of all the superheroes.  Well, it now seems that I can post some interesting news thanks  to a wonderful week of many new notes concerning the Emerald Knight(s).

We all know that superhero movies are in high demand thanks to the wonderful successes over the years of X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman, and many more that are in development.  The movie industry has been trying for a number of years to put together a Green Lantern movie.  Originally slated as a comedy with Jack Black (worst idea ever), the execs finally decided to take a serious approach.  A director was quickly named (Martin Campbell of Casino Royale and Goldeneye fame) and the search for the lead began.  Several names were thrown out (Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, and Justin Timberlake (on second thought, this is the worst idea ever)), but in the end, the role went to………..Ryan Reynolds.

I can’t say I’m completely thrilled over the casting, but Ryan Reynolds brings a name to the screen and that might bring in the money to finance the movie and make a big sci-fi blockbuster. Ryan’s also a comic book fan and usually makes it known that he wants to stay real to the literature that is already out there. Hopefully this will be more evidence of that. Now that we have our hero, we need our future villain in Sinestro. My possible choices (if they have the money) are Alan Cumming, Hugo Weaving, or James Marsters.

Based on this fan made trailer, I’m hoping for something along the lines of the new Star Trek movie for sci-fi action.

I know you are already questioning this section because you are scared of what a green lantern can offer in terms of music. Well, thanks to a Green Lantern Message board (yes, I am that much of a dork) I stumbled across a band (Kirby Krackle) that centers around video games, pop culture, and comic books. It’s indie/rock/comedy but the lyrics are well thought out in my eyes. Basically it’s Weird Al but with a band.


The GL factor is from their summer release titled, “Ring Capacity.” I’m in love with this song. It’s my new favorite even if that tells too much about me. However, “Up Down Up Down” and “Back to the Beginning (Mark Kart Song)” are growing on me quickly as well. For those that play Mario Kart, you just can’t beat lyrics such as:

There’s nothing better than a Blue Shell,
Send it off yeah and send the leader straight to hell
Somebody help me, I’m trying to get back to the beginning!


I’ve got a princess in my rear view mirror,
I’ve got Italians on either side,
I’ve got a feeling things aren’t gonna get better,
so I ride!

Now I can’t get out of here without mentioning the art of comic books. I’m not going to get into storylines or anything like that. I want to stick to the art itself. I’m a sucker for good cover art, evident by my recent purchase of the Green Lantern #43 variant by Rodolfo Migliari below (click for a larger version).

Green Lantern 43

The week prior I was also given a great cover for Captain America Reborn 1 by Alex Ross. Ross is one of my favorites thanks to his realistic depictions of the superheroes. While I’m here, I figure I can share some of my other favorite covers. Most of them are quite recent and are based on what covers I can remember that stood out or I could find.

Ultimates 2

Captain America

Dark Knight Returns

Action Comics

Detective Comics

Astonishing X-Men

Son of M



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Glen Buss Says:
July 14th, 2009 at 1:00 am

You know there is a GL Animated Movie coming out as well right?

Ben Says:
July 15th, 2009 at 7:41 am

of course I do. It’s on my calendar. Wait…I’ve said too much.

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