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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

I’m not going to hide from the fact that I was never really a fan of the other films. Sure, T2 was a marvel of modern technology at the time, but that was about it for me. Something about this film seemed interesting to me and that was just enough to get me to shell out the money to see Batman beat up some machines.

Salvation is set in the year 2018 where the war against the machines has begun (but not in a Matrix sort of way).  John Connor (Christian Bale) is not the leader of the resistance, but he certainly leads his own team.  Over the course of the war, the Resistance has found a signal that will act as an off switch for the machines and allow the humans to win the war.  However, things change when a new man is saved and is discovered to be one of the machines.  Marcus Wright believes he is human but slowly learns that he is nothing more than a project for a woman after he was put to death for past crimes.

Salvation is simply another post apocalyptic movie of the future where both Sony and Seven 11 are still around.  Remind me to invest in both soon rather than later.  The graphics are simply amazing throughout.  The Terminator movies always excelled in this category and this movie doesn’t disappoint.  I’d say the highlight of the film is known to some and others of us are kept in the dark about a special appearance.  Take a shot in the dark and you will get it.  Let’s just say what they can do with graphics today is shocking.  It’s just too bad that X-Men and Wolverine just made it look weird.

Overall I was pleased with this movie more than the others (minus T2), but it’s not great.  McG plus some horrible out of nowhere love story makes the movie fall short.  That and a post apocalyptic world that has a gas station sign set at 1.89 just doesn’t make me believe it is going to end like that.  Someone call Mad Max and maybe John Connor can fight it out for the new world.

In a non Terminator comment, go ahead and get used to Sam Worthington and Common.  Say hello to Hal Jordan and John Stewart respectively.

[Rating: 3/5]

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