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Liam “Qui-Gon Aslan Ra’s Jean Valjean” Neeson is one badass man that no one should ever mess with. Taken is the story of a couple of people who try to mess with his daughter.  This is also not a good idea.

When Neeson’s daughter heads on a trip to Paris, she is kidnapped in an attempt to traffic her into prostitution and drugs.  Thanks to Neeson’s background of being a Preventer (yes, it is a cheesey as it sounds because he “prevents” bad things from happening), Neeson has certain skills that will be useful on his quest of rescuing his daughter.  Now that I have thrown out almost all of the possible movie cliches, I can begin to state that this movie turned out to be pretty good.

Fast edits, Bourne-esque fights, and a dad seeking revenge were all that I needed for this movie.  Taken doesn’t try to be more than it needs to be and just lets the audience enjoy the action.  No matter how many open hand chops to an opponents throat I have seen, but it seems cool and painful every time.

And for those Losties out there, be ready to see Benjamin Linus die once Neeson realizes that Shannon was on that island.

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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