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On Friday, it was the coldest it has been all year (and past few months) in Atlanta.  The temperatures dropped below freezing and this can mean many things to many people.  To me and my roommate, it meant the fear that a pipe bursting at our apartment complex could destroy our prescious belongings.

I arrived home Friday with news from my roommate that an apartment near ours was suffering water damage.  When I arrived and saw the multiple carpet cleaning vans and large pools of water, I was quite scared that the problem had grown since my roommate was at the apartment last.  Thankfully, our apartment was unarmed (not sure how truly).  Here are a few pictures (click for enlargement) I took of the damage.

Directly outside our door This is directly outside our door. Notice the large amount of salt laid out to prevent freezing.
brokenpipes_0009 This is the apartment you see directly across from our apartment. We originally thought about moving into this apartment. I guess it was a smart move not to pick this one.
brokenpipes_0010 Here is a zoomed in shot of the apartment from the picture above. Notice the standing water in the kitchen.
brokenpipes_0011 Here is another shot at the apartment across from us.
brokenpipes_0012 Here are the steps that lead to the front of our apartment building. You can see the carpet cleaning van and vacuum tube that is running for the top floor apartment. Even more salt.
brokenpipes_0013 This is the bottom floor apartment. Two floors removed from the actual pipe. More standing water and fallen light fixtures.
brokenpipes_0014 Here is a closer look at the same apartment from above. Man, I hope if anyone lived here that they had renter’s insurance that covered this problem.
brokenpipes_0015 Even the parking area under the apartment building was harmed. When I walked down here to take this picture, water was steadily dripping from the ceiling.
brokenpipes_0016 Another shot of the parking area under the apartment building. This is just bad.

These pictures are compliments of my new camera. Hopefully with more time, I can take pictures with better quality.

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joe Says:
January 20th, 2009 at 2:59 pm

wow… that’s pretty lucky, man… the sprinkler system pipes in my parking garage froze and busted the other day – luckily it was just in the garage.

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