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Playoffs? Yes, Playoffs

Several months ago, I was looked down on due to my reinvestment in my Atlanta Falcons for another year of season tickets. My team was down with a 4-12 record and a new season was set to begin with a rookie coach and rookie Quarterback that not many fans wanted. Could this franchise lift its head again after the debacle of the previous season? I won’t even begin to vent my frustration over the coach who shall not be named. As far as I’m concerned the Falcons had a year off last year to pursue other options.

With those months behind me, I’m now looking down on people for their poor investments in this economy and I’m holding my head high as I head into the final week of the NFL season. With a 10-5 record, my falcons are playoff bound (thanks to a thrilling victory over the Vikings) and have the potential to take hold of the #2 spot and win the NFC South (based on a win over the Rams and a Panther loss at New Orleans).

Falcons Make Playoffs

I’ve already received wonderful calls and messages from many friends, family members, and the Falcons organization. This is just part of the process that we will use to continue moving towards the ultimate goal during the playoffs.

Playoffs Baby!!!!

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