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Dressed to the Sporting Nines

A few weeks ago, I got caught up in an online conversation with Will about many random items.  However, when we started talking about sports, the conversation slowly moved to uniforms.  Specifically, I was describing my new love for the Steelers’ throwbacks, while he was a fan of the Buffalo Bills throwbacks.  I soon found that I could talk about sporting wear while the time quickly passed me by.  Little did I know that there was a whole website blog devoted to nothing more than the wardrobe of our beloved sporting events.

Known simply as “Uni Watch” I found myself sucked into a world I did not fully understand but enjoyed immensely.  It’s more interesting than you would think to see differing viewpoints of jerseys, helmets, socks, logos, etc.  I found myself looking more at what a team was wearing on game days than how they were actually playing.  Yeah that might be a little girlie, but once you are hooked, you are hooked.

With the recent posting that tied Google’s Time Life image search with Uni Watch, I saw that I really could spend long hours in front of a computer reading/viewing great moments in sports dress.  The postings range from the serious to the humorous (not for the faint of heart).  And who would have thought that vertical stripes on socks would cause one to go running to the hills?

And as always, who doesn’t love a guy that constantly makes fun of those wacky Oregon Ducks?  I mean, they have so much fuel to the fire.

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