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The Falcons – Bye Week Edition

Updated: October 21, 2008

Well, well, well. Here we are. Six weeks into the 2008/2009 NFL season and the Falcons are looking like a team that has left all baggage and thoughts of yesteryear behind them. As the Falcons head into their bye week, they stand at 4-2 after the recent climactic climatic win against the Monsters of Midway, the Chicago Bears. They are tied for 1st in the NFC South and above all expectations.

Falcons vs Bears

Before the season started, the Falcons were found to be cleaning out their closet in what is known throughout the NFL as a rebuilding year.  Gone was the dreaded D. Hall.  Gone was the Coach That Shall Not Be Named (P.S. I hope you lose every game you pig).  Gone was the memory of Michael Vick.  Enter new GM Thomas Dimitroff. Enter new head coach Mike “Smitty” Smith. Trades and signings were made but nothing that caught your eye. The draft came and went with a few Falcon fans left wondering “Why Ryan”, “Why not Glenn Dorsey”, and “Why trade up to get Sam Baker.” The preason passed as it always does with many stating that those games prove nothing. I only saw draftees actually looking as if they were drafted with a purpose.

I jokingly said to many that “he [a NFC South team] that finishes last one year will win the division the following year.”  My real expectation was to win a total of 5 games due to many weak opponents throughout the year.  I never saw a 4-2 record heading into this Bye week.  I’m not sure many did.  However, the season is far from over, but now is a good time to take note of what we know at this point in the season.

  • Thomas Dimitrioff was the right choice in GM.  He builds through the draft and is looking to gain value in his prospects as quickly as he drafted them.
  • Matt Ryan is the real deal.  He is a franchise QB and I’m sorry I was a doubter in the beginning.  Currently, he isn’t being forced to carry the entire team but has shown spots of brilliance that makes you think that he can when it is required.
  • Michael “The Burner” Turner is the leading rusher in the NFL even with 3 decent/bad games.  The man can run and pounds it when the team needs it.  His running threat, along with Norwood, is helping teams stay honest in preparing for our run/pass attack.
  • Our offensive line is the most underrated aspect of our team.
  • Our defense isn’t amazing and is probably closer to average if not slightly less.  However, they do what they are asked and sometimes rise to the occasion to play like they are so much more.
  • Roddy White is a legit WR.  The Falcons are still searching for the number 2 guy, but Jenkins and Douglas are doing every thing they can to prove they can be.  It will be better when Robinson returns as well.
  • The new TE’s, Peele and Hartstock, are doing well.  I’m glad the trade for Gonzalez didn’t work out since we had just dropped Alge as a pass catching tightend.  No more Milner is also a plus.  I probably catch more than him and that’s not a good thing.
  • It seems that the “Screamers Wanted” campaign is working and the Dome is looking to be a hostile environment (3-0 record so far).  I now really look forward to defending the Dome.
  • The pregame videoes (Delta Safety spoof, Welcome to the Show, and Defend the Dome) actually inspire me every time.  I just wish they would update the Welcome to the Show and Defend the Dome with plays from the season similar to how UGA updates their pregame video.
  • The next three games (@Eagles, @Oakland, Saints) will be tough.  Oakland is more mentioned due to two road games in a row.
  • “Smitty” should be Coach of the Year and Matt Ryan Rookie of the Year, if voted ended today.

Overall, I only have one complaint this season.  Matt Ryan just doesn’t look cool when he wears the Under Armor white shirt.  A black version might help the situation but the white seriously hurts.  Seriously Matt.  You need to change the look.  A new nickname (“Matty Ice”) would be better as well.

Now please sit back and enjoy the rest of the season.  Here is a great video from the Falcons that basically sums up what this team and season means.  The Falcons website has more of these Vantage Point videos for the other games this season.

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David Says:
October 21st, 2008 at 4:48 pm

It was a climatic win over the Bears, eh? Does that mean it was weather-affected or it affected the weather?

Ben Says:
October 21st, 2008 at 5:11 pm

I never said spelling was my strongest ability.

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