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Tux and I Part Ways

Today I bid farewell to A Penguin and Me. I’m not departing Linux from my home PC. I’m just parting ways with my separate website. I was finding that I was having less time to post specifically about Linux on A Penguin and Me. My original intent was to have others post along side of me, but alas, that did not happen either. Therefore, with my friend’s (Will) passing advice, I decided to hang up A Penguin and Me.

I still plan to post about my adventures with Linux, but all of the posts will appear on this website and not A Penguin and Me. All traffic directed to that site will be forwarded to the Linux category page of Hero Inc. I’ve already moved over all posts from APAM. It was fun while it lasted. Mainly fun because I really liked that WordPress theme.

A Penguin and Me Logo

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Will Says:
July 26th, 2008 at 9:48 am

I’m always right, Trice.

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