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BasKet Case

Struggling to keep track of little projects? Need a handy way to keep to-do lists? Enjoy keeping information handy as you search online? Well, all of these questions may not need to be answered yes for you to enjoy BasKet Note Pads.

According to the BasKet site, BasKet helps you:

  • Easily take all sort of notes
  • Collect research results and share them
  • Centralize your project data and reuse it
  • Quickly organize your thoughts in idea boxes
  • Keep track of your information in a smart way
  • Make intelligent To Do lists
  • And a lot more…

BasKet is a program that many Windows users will find similar to Microsoft’s OneNote. I had not used OneNote prior to my BasKet experience, which is probably a plus. I didn’t think I would find this application helpful at first, but I’ve soon found it to be great for keeping me focused on different things I have in front of me. I often set myself up for multiple mini projects that I easily lose track of my progress. I create To-Do lists on the fly, track the progress (or lack there of) of my sites and what updates are next, save research for upcoming purchases (computers, tickets, comic books, etc.). It’s pretty lightweight and easily runs in the background so you can bring it up at any point to add new information in some form.

After trying BasKet, I downloaded OneNote for my work computer. I found OneNote, like most Microsoft products, to not be able to handle on the fly, quick creations as well as BasKet did. A product like BasKet or OneNote should be fast, convenient and better than keeping a pad of paper and pencil helpful to record information. BasKet, to me, accomplishes just that. Now if I could have a mobile version that would sync to the desktop version, I’d be set for life with this product.

When you first start with BasKet, I highly recommend the Tour section of their site. The handy download offered there will quickly start you on your path to “getting things done” the BasKet way.

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