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Get Smart

Maxwell Smart moves to the big screen in this updated version of the Mel Brooks’ created TV Show, Get Smart. This time, Max is played by the talented and hilarious Steve Carrell. Chaos is at it again, Control is struggling to save the day, and the humor reigns down upon you.

As I headed to the movie, I decided to lower my expectations after less than spectacular reviews. Also, I remembered all of the other old TV shows Hollywood tried to update and failed miserably in doing so. Would they try to sex/action/unnecessarily update a great TV show? Well apparently their consultants, Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, showed them exactly what was needed to make this movie another success for Steve.

The jokes were just as good as they were during Don Adams’ stint as Agent 99. The action was updated to make current movie goers happy and even mimicked several James Bond style shots. The movie didn’t try to kill with too many jokes or too much action. There was actually a story there between 86 and 99 (Anne Hathaway) that was worth telling and worth watching.

I won’t lie. The “turning point” is seen a mile away but you don’t really care because it works and you are more interested in how Max will end up saving the day without truly trying. It was also great to see the random actors that showed up in this film to lend a hand in even the smallest of roles. I personally enjoyed the surprise president and agent in the tree.

Overall, it’s definitely worth the price of admission if you even remotely enjoyed the old Get Smart TV show.

[Rating: 4/5]

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