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The Incredible Hulk

We are only a few years removed from Ang Lee’s “Hulk” and Marvel’s green monster is already returning to the big screen. This time, the cast includes Tim Roth, Liv Tyler, and Edward Norton. Will it be better? Can the Hulk beat Iron Man (in value)? Or are we just returning to the Greek tragedy that was Lee’s Hulk and the 138 minutes I wasted the first time.

Actually, let me set the record straight on Lee’s Hulk. I enjoyed it. I liked the visuals and the way the Hulk was presented. However, the Hulk story is just boring to me. It can be slow when it is moved to the big screen instead of the comic strips.

That being said, Incredible Hulk is not Lee’s Hulk and mostly for the better. This movie was not as good as Iron Man, but it did pick up where Iron Man was lacking. The final battle between Roth’s Abomination and the Hulk was exactly what it needed to be: a hulk bashing action scene for regular movie goers with certain elements thrown in to appease the nerdy masses as well.

I did think the first part of the movie dragged. It’s slow watching Norton on the run at times (especially when he isn’t running). I started to have flashbacks to the TV show. Maybe it was the “on the run” theme or the subtle music being used. Yes, that is the final credits song from the tv show thrown in a scene early in the movie. Of course, my mind raced to Family Guy’s take on it rather than the Hulk TV show.

Overall the movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I think the Hulk is just a hard character to make the transformation to the big screen due to the story and character structure. The story had to constantly switch from its serious tone and then to some comedy in order to keep the audience looking at the screens instead of their watches. However, the graphics were amazing. The details in the computer generated Hulk were definately worth it. The best shot is probably when he is outside in the rain near some caves. The Hulk’s face takes up most of the screen and you almost swear it is a real person in makeup.

[Rating: 3/5]

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