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“Choke” On This

Thanks to Joe, I have seen the first trailer/teaser for the movie Choke. You can check out the trailer here at MTV Overdrive or visit the teaser site which has the trailer as well.

Choke is a novel by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) and is one of my favorite writers. Choke, according to chuckpalahniuk.net, is:

Victor Mancini, a medical-school dropout, is an antihero for our deranged times. Needing to pay elder care for his mother, Victor has devised an ingenious scam: he pretends to choke on pieces of food while dining in upscale restaurants. He then allows himself to be “saved” by fellow patrons who, feeling responsible for Victor’s life, go on to send checks to support him. When he’s not pulling this stunt, Victor cruises sexual addiction recovery workshops for action, visits his addled mom, and spends his days working at a colonial theme park.

At first, I was excited about this movie due to the actors involved (Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Houston), but I was more worried about what they would need to change. Choke is not a very main stream friendly book in any regard. Out of all of Chuck’s novels, I would say Fight Club was as main stream as he could get and that’s saying a great deal. However, after seeing this teaser/trailer, I’m excited again to see this movie. It looks like they might try to stay true to the book.

Hopefully if this movie does decently well then Survivor and Invisible Monsters (my favorite) will receive the greenlight for production again. But again, this movie will probably bomb with the masses.

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