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Happy Memorial / Mandriva Day

That’s right. On this wonderful holiday, I’m choosing to celebrate by beginning my summer of dorkiness. With the girlfriend away (Europe and Asia), I am now able to tackle the following IT tasks:

  • Reformat Mandriva – Basically looking to do a real install rather than the Live one I did. This is more for me to relax and truly install from the start. I also originally installed with the dual boot option for Windows. However, with my VirtualBox, I never need to boot back into Windows. My Linux box will grow from 20GBs of space to 40GBs of space. That’s a big deal even though it is still small.
  • Finish my Perl book – I’ve started the language and it’s ok. I now feel I should have went after Python, but that can be my next task.
  • Complete and update my WordPress Plugin – With the addition to GCStar in my life, I began building a simple WordPress plugin. I have version 0.0.1 written, but I have ideas of what can be next for it. Once I have it to an “acceptable” level, I’ll release it for others to download and mock my poor understanding of a simple solution. Yeah, I don’t have too much faith in my programing skills for the masses.

It’s time for the SUMMER OF BEN!!!!

UPDATE: Here are a few screenshots of my newly installed Mandriva system. Click on the images to get a larger version to view.



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