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Draft Me

The draft was not as entertaining as it has been in previous years. I believe this was determine by better predictions by the analysts and the outcome of the number 2 and 3 picks. The 2 and 3 picks were going to determine the rest of the draft and they did.

As a Falcons fan and ticket holder, I was not pleased with the number 3 selection of Matt Ryan or trading back up in the first round to take Sam Baker. I understood that we needed some Offensive Line members to protect Ryan, but I think that was a huge jump and too much to give up for that pick. The rest of their picks didn’t wow me either. I like the Jackson pick, but Lofton and Douglas just leave me scratching my head. Hopefully our Scouts saw things the fans don’t and things will turn around.

With Ryan being the 3rd pick, I’m looking to see him signed fast and begin learning the system as quickly as possible. I don’t want him to start right away but maybe mid to late season he should enter. It’s been my belief a top 10 pick should start right away and contribute to his team. Even though Ryan was not my top pick (and Dorsey was still on the board), he is slowly growing on me and certain comments are beginning to change my mind towards him. Atlanta needs to move on from Michael Vick and Ryan might be that chance. When Vick finishes his sentence, the Falcons need a Franchise player in place so that the media and fans do not turn back to Vick. This needs to be a clean move from old to new. Ryan also has said all of the right things since being selected and his quote “Manning-esque love for the game” needs to translate to the field and fans.

The following awards are mine to give following the two day circus known as the NFL Draft.

Biggest Reach: Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars jumped from pick 26 to pick 8 in order to get Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida. I can understand some jumps, but this one was not worth it. The Jags gave up their 1st round pick, two third round picks, and a fourth round pick. This was just a reach, I don’t care if he is a home state player. The Jags overpaid.

Biggest Surprise: Green Bay Packers – The Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers as the heir to Brett Farve. However, this year they drafted Brian Brohme out of Louisville and Matt Flyn out of LSU. Is Green Bay looking to build a QB controversy?

Biggest Winner: Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs had a great draft. They were able to pick up Glen Dorsey, DT (one, if not the, top pick in this year’s draft) as well as Brandon Albert (OG) and many other high quality players. This was a great draft to be a Chiefs’ fan.

Biggest Loser: Me – I look forward to the Draft to see tears as players fall from where they were projected to go. Watching Matt Leinart and Brody Quinn tear up was priceless. No one really cried like that this year (Dorsey had tears of joy). No real shockers were seen. I feel like I was cheated out of a great draft.

Mr Irrelevant: David Vobora – OLB – Idaho selected 252nd by the St. Louis Rams


Atlanta Falcons Draft Results

The links for the picks will direct you to the sites linked from the Atlanta Falcons’ website where highlight videos can be seen or other profile information.

Round 1:

  • Matt Ryan – QB – Boston College (Pick 3)
  • Sam Baker – OT – USC (Pick 21) [Acquired from Washington]

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:


Round 5:

Round 6:

Round 7:


As promised, here are the players from UGA who were taken and where they ended up.

  • Marcus Howard – OLB – Round 5, Pick 161 – Indianapolis Colts
  • Thomas Brown – RB – Round 6, Pick 172 – Atlanta Falcons
  • Chester Adams – OG – Round 7, Pick 222 – Chicago Bears
  • Brandon Coutu – K – Round 7, Pick 235 – Seattle Seahawks
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Will Says:
April 30th, 2008 at 1:52 pm

I don’t think people are commenting due to their state of being dumbfounded by the ineptitude of this draft.

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