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my falcons draft big board

With the NFL Draft only a few days away, I’ve decided to create my own big board of draft possibilities and needs for the Atlanta Falcons.

First off, let’s start with what the Falcons don’t need. This will be a short list, but it is good to get it out of the way.

  • Fullback – Ovie Mughelli is a beast on the field and is one of the highest paid fullbacks in the NFL. He was brought specifically for Coach Bobby’s system but didn’t see much playing time due to the missing running game when we were behind, ahead or even on the field. I made certain to watch him anytime he was on the field. This man moved double teams out of his RBs way like Kobayashi moves hot dogs off of his plate. The man is good and hopefully he will become a great central point to Coach Smith’s new system.
  • Defensive End – Many people looked down on Jamaal Anderson for not having a super year. He played like a rookie should but he wasn’t that bad. He had many forced fumbles and did an overal decent job. He just wasn’t the super impact player the Falcons were expecting of him. On the opposite side of the line sits the great John Abraham. If it wasn’t for injuries, this guy would be unstoppable.
  • Punter – Michael Koenen has the leg, enough said for a punter.
  • Running Back – With the recent signing of Michael Turner, the Falcons are set in the RB spot. Some might say Turner is not an every down back, but there is still Norwood to take care of additional situations which should make for a great one two punch.
  • Kicker – With the recent signing of Jason Elam, the kicking game is set. Sure I’ll miss Old Reliable Morten Anderson, but at least now we can kick over the forty yard mark without calling in the punter.

Now for my personal big (mini) board going into the draft.

  1. Jake Long – OT – Michigan => This guy is a beast. He would make a great captain over the years and should be around for a long time. Much of the problems with the Falcons is the QB position. Many say we should draft a QB at our top spot, but I say no. What’s the point drafting a great QB who may not start for another year and probably couldn’t stand up for long without a decent group in front of him blocking. Long could be that block and maybe we could do what the Browns did and trade back into the late 1st round to gain a good QB. The first statistic that stood out to me was his size and speed (6’7, 313 lbs, 5.219 40-Dash time). The next great statistic was during his 4 year starting career at Michigan, Long allowed 2 sacks and 2 penalties. Sure, there is the chance this guy could be the next Robert Gallery, but that’s rare.
  2. Glenn Dorsey – DT – LSU => Dorsey was a beast this season for LSU. Every opponents’ offensive play began by knowing where this guy was on the field. I mean, he was double teamed a good portion of the time and oh yeah, he was injured a majority of the year and he still produced big plays when needed. How about them apples? With the recent releases of Grady Jackson (last year) and Rod Coleman (my boy), the Falcons need someone with speed for the pass rush and power to stop the run. Dorsey has both. If Long is already off the board to the Rams or Dolphins, I’d go with Dorsey. If Coach Smith wants to build from the inside out, then a DT is a good start.
  3. Leodis McKelvin – CB – Troy => With D. Hall away “winning” with Oakland, I say “goodbye and good riddance.” However, with Hall’s departure, that cornerback spot needs to be filled. Is Jimmy Williams a bust yet? Can Houston continue to hold his own? Even if we need a cornerback, this is too high of a pick to use for McKelvin. Maybe we could look to trade down in order to gain more picks. The Ravens are looking to move up for Ryan. I say we let them. McKelvin is one of the best CB’s in this year’s class and would easily still be available if we fell to picks 5 to 15.
  4. Ryan Clady – OT – Boise St or Sedrick Ellis – DT – USC => Again, I’m looking to get more with what we have. Trading out of the number 3 spot could help us build more. These two players, like McKelvin, will still be available in the 5 to 15 range and are both highly rated. Some even believe that Ellis could be just as good if not better than Dorsey. I’m not one of those people, but that’s because of my love for the SEC and hatred for the Pac-10.
  5. Not Matt Ryan – QB – Boston College => The Falcons do not need Matt Ryan. There are many great number two quarterbacks in this years class and Atlanta can easily pull a Cleveland (draft a long time player and trade back into the 1st round to select the QB of choice). Henne, Woodson, Brohm, etc. are all decent picks. I don’t think I would see Brohm with the Falcons simply because the team needs to move farther away from the Petrino issue from last season. Also, Ryan may be a franchise player for some teams, but he would not be one for Atlanta. Michael Vick worked as a franchise player. He put people in the seats and made the game exciting for Atlanta. That’s the type of player Atlanta needs for a Franchise. Just with a cleaner sheet off the field.

Other positions we, Atlanta Falcons, should be looking to fill in the draft:

  • Linebacker – Keith Brooking isn’t getting any younger and we will need to fill that major hole sooner than we would like. Boley is growing into an outstanding player, but that’s just one guy.
  • Safety – With the way the rest of our defense plays sometimes, we need a great safety and it doesn’t look like this is the year to fill that spot. This draft is not full of uber athletic safeties and that’s just what we need.
  • OL and DL – I know I’ve touched on this position above, but I want to stress it even more. A great team is built from the inside out. Atlanta is not a great team on the inside nor outside. Therefore, these are the positions to fill. Depth at interior DL will help during the second stretch of the season.

Oh yeah, as always, I hate Mel Kiper. I wish I could do my job well 20% of the time and still keep it. Must be a sweet life. With 4 of the top 50 picks in this year’s draft, hopefully the Falcons will have something to show for it in the next few years.

After the draft, I’ll post a recap of top moments, biggest surprises and a complete run down on who the Falcons picked up and what teams picked up any UGA players.

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Brian Says:
April 22nd, 2008 at 9:33 am

Have plans for the draft, Ben?

Ben Says:
April 22nd, 2008 at 7:17 pm

Dolphins sign Long

One day and my post is already wrong. Oh well.

I plan on watching it Brian, but will need to have it tivo’d partly since I have a kickball game during it.

David Says:
April 22nd, 2008 at 8:45 pm

Good thoughts Benjamin. I think you could possible add a pass-catching TE to the team needs also. The real question is, if the Rams take Dorsey, what do the Falcons do?

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