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The XO Arrives

On Friday, I received a call from my father saying a box had arrived at his office for me. This could only be one package for me, The XO Laptop. For those that do not know, the XO Laptop is the laptop in the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) program. Back in December, the foundation was running a “buy one, get one” program. I was very interested in this project and the cause. Therefore, I could not argue against ordering one for myself and as long as another one was purchased for a child in another country (not counting Alabama).

The XO Laptop is not top of the line, nor is it built for an adult (my fat fingers can’t type on it). However, it is built for kids and for kids to learn. The design is perfect, especially with the way it hides ports (USB, microphone, audio, SD, etc.). The speed is slow for those of us with a decent computer, but it serves its purpose. I can’t wait to play around with it more and learn what I can do. Until then, check out the OLPC website.

XO Laptop

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