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be kind rewind


I had the chance last night to go see Be Kind Rewind with a few friends. I was looking forward to this movie due to Mos Def and the fact that I enjoyed the visuals of Eternal Sunshine so much.

Be Kind Rewind is basically the story of two guys who erase all of the tapes in their rental store by mistake. In order to keep the business alive, they create their own versions and sell those. The movies slowly become popular in the town and suddenly everyone wants to be a part of the movie making scene. At the end of this movie, I was really reminded how much fun movies should be. I believe most of us have created mini movies with friends, if not for fun then at least for a school project. This movie goes to show that you can make funny, interesting movies with minimal effects. I sometimes believe that special effects can get in the way of true movie magic and creativity (see Star Wars for good and bad samples).

Overall the movie was a funny and entertaining experience. Most people might wait for DVD and that’s fine, but still make sure you see this movie. The trailer does not even come close to showing all of the best parts.


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