I have never really been one for writing poems.  I just could never really do it.  For some reason, however, I felt like writing one the other night.  If you enjoy it, then thanks.  If you hate it, then oh well.  These are just my thoughts put to paper.

I am also adding poems from a few of my friends.  Enjoy those as well.

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Interconnected/Unconnected Thoughts


  Fate's Cruel Humor

  Bumps In The Road


Understanding And Knowing

Broken Promises And Lonely Nights

My Side Of The Story

A Hero's Downfall

Forward Emotions

Times Like These


Requiem For A Dream

Happiness (Population Few)


 Autumn Rain

The Smile Inside

Passion Prayer

"Interconnected/Unconnected Thoughts"

 I sat alone in a room filled with people.
Their eyes were closed to search,
But mine were open to find.
I just wanna be me.

They were reaching forth to grasp what they could not see.
I just saw the facades of people who were set in lost hope.
Am I seeing the truth or a lie?
I just wanna be me.

It is said the world is set in black and white.
I am just set in the gray with a hint of green.
However, I am torn between what I really want.
I just wanna be me.

I lived the white and I have lived the black.
People see me as black while others see the opposite.
I have chosen the side that I want.
I just wanna be me.

Benjamin William Trice


Look into your heart
Do you see me
Look into my eyes
Do you understand me
If you see me and
If you understand me
Then why do you doubt me
question me
put me on trial
devour my feelings to nothing
and slay the last strand of self respect that I have
and when you are done
you say I am sorry
If you can do this to me
then you are sorry

Benjamin Keyland Morgan

"Fate's Cruel Humor"

There she sits,
Blonde and beautiful;
A memory of future's past.
My choice is made.

There she sat,
Blonde and beautiful;
A memory of past's future.
My choice is made.

My mind races to find a flaw,
A flaw to make life easier.
I search for the one answer
When the question has two answers.

Man was given life to make choices.
Man was condemned in life by making choices.
Fate's cruel humor isn't so funny.

Benjamin William Trice

"Bumps In The Road"

I was beside myself as I walked down by the muddy lake today
Talking in fragments practicing everything I wanted to say to you
No matter what I tried I couldn't find a way to make it all sound right
We are so perfect in my mind, so I just keep it all inside

So many people out there sharing one common thing
Just out of my fingertips but live inside my dreams

When I look out through my rear-view mirror my world looks kinda shaky
But it might be just the bumps in the road
This feeling I've been feeling keeps drowning you inside me
Cutting deep down into my soul, so I have to let go

There are so many people out there sharing one common thing
Just out of my fingertips but live inside my dreams
And I just want to stare at you but I know I can't be seen
Just to have a small part of you I'd give you everything of me

I'm hanging on to you girl, hanging on to everything
I'm afraid of what I might become, afraid of what tomorrow brings

I'm covered up from the rain
Protected from it by the pain
I wish I could say "I'm sorry" and start all over again

I'm hanging on
There's nothing to hold on to
I'm hanging on
But there's nothing there at all Since you're gone I'm hanging on
There's nothing to hold on to
I'm hanging on
But there's nothing there at all

The morning sun seems so bright I think I'll go out on the town tonight
Baptize me in all my apologies before
Start me over, start my life

I'm over you but I'm in love, why can't I just let go
You've got your grip around me, should have never let you inside me
My life is spinning and dancing like a beautiful ballerina girl
All this pain I'm living in, I wouldn't miss it for the world

When you look into the mirror, do you even see me at all
Cause you're the inspiration inside me no matter where you are
When you look into the mirror, do you see reflection of the truth
Cause when I look in the mirror, baby, all I can see is you

So tell me all your little fairy tales
Tell me all your dreams
Tell me anything you want to
Just be sure to talk to me
Tell me anything you want to
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you miss me
Tell me that you love me too

If I could be another person in a different place and time would it even matter to you
Cause if there's somebody out there for everyone I want my somebody to be you

Cause there are so many out there who share the same thing
You're never around in my shaky world but show up in my dreams
And I wanna stare at you forever but I know I can't be seen
All the bumps in my road, still mean everything to me

James Wesley Vaughn


Your eyes are like an ocean
Or a deep blue green sea,
For when I look into them
I see a reflection of me.

Your lips are like sugar
With a taste so sweet
That when your kiss touches mine
It knocks me off my feet.

Your chest and arms are like my barrier
That keeps me away from harm.
For I feel comforted, safe, and protected
Whenever you hold me in your arms.

Your hands are like a feather
That makes me tingle with every touch.
The softness and the feeling of them
Is what I love so much.

Your smell is like the air,
I just have to breathe it in.
And as soon as I exhale
I can't help but breathe your scent in again.

You are like my shining star
That would guide me through the night,
That makes me smile with every twinkle
And is the light of my life.

My love for you is like a fire,
I have so much it burns.
And your love for me is like it's flame
That you show me in return.

With you, I've got everything I've needed
That I don't want anything else
Except for in a few years
I'll want to hear our wedding bells.

And from now on until forever,
Through good days and bad, old days and new,
You are always there
And I will always love you.

Windi Blizzard

You don't understand me,
but yet in still you say you know me
like the back of your hand...Don't you see
that even though you've KNOWN me for years
there are things you still fail to realize.
Those little drops of water falling from my eyes are called tears.
You want to analyze me
when all you have to do is listen.
I'm not a commercial....I don't advertise
myself or my feelings on my sleeve.
You have to use your mind...Think to figure me out.
If you don't want to take the time...take the door and leave....
People judge things they don't understand.
You know but you don't understand because you've judged me..
I haven't judged you, but you say my head is the one in the sand..
You judge what you see and think you know when you haven't experienced.
I may judge on what I feel cuz I understand pain and happiness..
You don't get it....You don't try..You're not even serious..
You're ashamed to admit you're prejudice...
I'm understanding it now...
You, passersby, strangers, even friends
the world doesn't want to understand
you're satisfied with thinking you understand...when you only know.
It's kinda sad...You can know a lot of things, yet seldomly do you understand it..
Shannon Williams

 "Broken Promises And Lonely Nights"

I promised I would wake up early.
I promised I would get you a ticket to the game.
I promised I would work harder.
I promised that was the last time we would order pizza at one.

I promised I would protect you.
I promised I would stay by your side.
I promised I would listen during those hard times.
I promised I would be there for you.

I promised that I would be the kid.
I promised that I would be truthful.
I promised that I would give my thoughts on God.
I promised that I would be me.

Sitting alone in my room,
Watching the stars come out to play,
I saw what was missing.
I saw that I was missing me.

Benjamin William Trice

I want to blow up in three parts
I want to pen our story
So I can have a written record
Of when I was young
And stupid

So I opened myself up to you…

A perfect setup
A perfect night
A perfect ending
A perfect target
A perfect way to destroy myself

What happened…

I will never know
So it will always tear at my mindset
It will always lurk somewhere inside my head
So I had to reestablish what I guess I never had
To lower my status to what I am today

What am I?

Your rejection…

The rain was my comfort
The clouds defined the gray

But not so much

But not enough

Crushed me


I am never sure what to think
Or what to feel

In fact…

Should I feel?

Should I think?

Am I wrong?

Can I stand for what you do?

But what is it you do?

I think it has been rebuilt

My perception has been distorted

I will never be sure of you


Prove me wrong

I need another perfect night

So for now I'll just hide it within me
William Daniel Bramlett


Yep, there I am.
That's me.
I am that stupid little kid.
I am that kid who is clinging on to the world.

The future was brighter than a million suns in my eyes.
The world was a utopia of bliss that must be lived.
Life was the adrenaline rush of happiness that fills the oceans.
What the hell was I thinking?

Yep, here I am now.
This is me.
I am this wide-eyed teenager.
I am the kid who is not as naïve as he once seemed.

The future is a marathon of Death that is coming to a photo finish.
The world is a paradox of hypocrites who are telling you right from wrong.
Life is the time clock that is counting down until the beginning of our end.
What the hell am I thinking?

Most will view my descent as a long look into some deep abyss.
Others will turn away in hopes that the problems will go away and all will be fine.
We live, we eat, we learn, we love, we hate, we die!
What else can I say?

This doesn't deal with the outside world.
Those conceited fools are all wrong.
I am not fighting against what I am.
I am searching for her.

Yep, that's right.
It is all about a girl.
It is all about some stupid girl.
Isn't it always?

Where do I go from here?
I mean, the secret is out now.
Everyone knows the problem.
Now the search for the solution begins.

Be yourself in life and no one else.
Don't let that one fish ever get away.
You can never use too many clichés.
What society teaches us can't help us.

Well, there we go.
We are back at the beginning.
Not the end, but the damn beginning.
Oh well, here we go again.

Benjamin William Trice

"Forward Emotions"

I've cautiously made my way through
Constantly changing and rearranging my
For you to only turn around and attempt to control my every
Which rapidly runs through my
Is confused, uncertain,and unknowingly
I thought that you could save
From being alone and
Are my thoughts and my
That inconveniently haunt my most peaceful night's
Is all I am able to
Why you decided to
My emotions alone for one
By minute my heart beats for
Is how I always end up.
Autumn Kendel Allen

"Times Like These"

Youth, energy, being naive to the world
These are the greatest moments of our lives
These are the moments that we will remember forever
Then why do I want to forget them with each passing day

There you are telling me about another stupid girl
Here I am looking forward with a mirror image of the past right before me
There is Fate laughing once again as I put miles on my car for another far off “love”
This is my luck, this is my life

Ah yes, with times like these we are searching for that one day
That one magical day where everything wrong becomes right
Oh yes, the fantasy of a utopian day where life shows its true meaning
This is my life, this is my lie

Well, I guess we have come to the end of this rant.
But it cannot be an end without a new beginning, a moral, a lesson
“Being grown-up isn't half as fun as growing up?"
This is my lie, this is me

Benjamin William Trice


Nineteen years in the making
And the moment has finally arrived
I searched all the land and my heart,
But you were always right here in front of me

I remember all those moments we've shared
The long talks, the inside jokes, the priceless memories
I'll cherish them with each passing day
Even if I never understand the meaning behind each one

Now, I understand what you're telling me
“You never know what you have until it's gone”
But it's hard for me to tell the way I feel
When the worst feeling is being wrong

Emaline, you've made life a growing sunset
Your deep blue eyes always return my smile
Your beauty paints my dreams
While my mistakes engulf my nightmares

I'm there by your side because we are the same
I stand through the rain just to see the way you look at me
I'm next to you no matter the future
Yet I just want to runaway.

You are the perfect girl
From the dark hair and skin
To the girl next door personality
You are everything I've ever wanted

Well, there it is out in the open
How I feel for the world to see
I sit hoping for the right answer
But I secretly hope for a no.

I don't want you to be hurt
Your pain is too much for this place
I want you to have the world
When the world is all I have to give

Emaline, don't let me leave
Since you know me all too well for that
Just stay by my side and help me see my happiness
Because my happiness is yours to share

Emaline, I will always love you
Even when I don't love myself
I might even say things I will regret
But I will never regret loving you

Benjamin William Trice

" Requiem For A Dream"

Here I sit
Staring up at the heavens
Wondering why the lights are so beautiful
On this average, ordinary night.

The lights are not spelling out your name.
Your face is not drawn across the sky.
I'm just sitting here
Admiring the glory of what is life.

Hot showers when it's cold outside,
Laughing out loud,
Compliments on your worst day,
These are short term solutions to the life long problem.

What is the problem?
Why am I unhappy
When you are finally here in front of me?
I just know that your return will be followed by your good-bye.

It isn't your soft smile that lights up my day when darkness is around.
It isn't the eyes that let me know everything is alright.
I love you for a different reason.
I love you for the way you haunt me when I'm all alone.

Every time my eyes close,
I see the sketch my mind has made of you.
Every time I take a breath,
I take a breath for two.

You see, when you are close enough to touch,
You are far enough away to leave.
I've counted down the days till this moment,
But I still can't find the words to say.

Don't worry about me though.
I'll just do what I always do.
I'll just sit back and relax as you take another step away.
I'm used to regret filling up my life, are you?

Benjamin William Trice

"Happiness (Population Few)"

Well, it's about time that I left today.
My journey begins from the start
Just like so many others have.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

It must be the wrong time of year.
I must have left at the wrong time.
Whatever the case may be, nothing will change.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

The faces along the way
Are the same faces I've seen today.
They are the same faces from yesterday.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

We are in separate vehicles,
But the direction is always the same.
Always quickly, always persistent.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

I look to my left and my eyes grow wide.
The lanes leaving do not echo those coming.
Maybe that's why we are sitting still.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

This place called Happiness seems to have it all.
I've past all the signs pointing to better places.
All that's left is just behind.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

My dad told me that it would be bad today.
Maybe I just did not plan for this kind of commitment.
No, I just didn't listen like I always do.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

I'm starting to see the many dwindle.
The promised lands of what is behind
Screams from the exits I pass.
Destination:  Happiness, 15 miles.

I'm not taking that detour.
I chose this route because of the result.
That and Destiny won't let me take that shortcut.
Destination:  Happiness, 14 miles.

Benjamin W. Trice


The road of life is figurative and literal.
Driving to a destination unseen to me,
Pleading for a map to point my way,
Moving, speeding, dying.

I walk the grounds of education.
Looking for my next point of growth,
Hearing my life screamed away,
Wondering, laughing, dying.

Am I getting anywhere from here?
My days are moving ahead,
But it just feels like its getting shorter.
Questioning, solving, dying.

I run towards the ground that isn't there.
Hoping that I've lived my life well,
Watching as my life flashes past,
Falling, floating, living.

Benjamin W. Trice

"Autumn Rain"

I don't feel that young anymore - and I'm not where I thought I would be
It's gonna be a long day tomorrow cause tonight I didn't get no sleep
I wonder if I still care about what I used to be
Thoughts jotted down on some paper that come from a place inside me
After all this time do they still really mean anything?
I thought I was twenty but it feels like I'm only turning three

Rain, rain...come on down
Wash me out of this lonely house
Life's not all that simple anymore

She's a drunken phone call away
from hearing me say what we're not ready to hear
Driving around - take River Road for the people
Funny, there's nobody there

It's a shame I'm twenty years in the making
A shame she's three hours of driving away
Knowing I'm gonna leave her empty handed
But it's worth every memory along the way

Rain, rain...come on down
Wash me out of this lonely house
Life's not all that simple anymore

Rain, rain...fall on down
Wash me out of this lonely house
Life's not all that easy anymore

But October is finally here and the weather is starting to get cold
And God, I hope it rains all day long tomorrow
Maybe I'll see her this weekend
Maybe make another memory
Just so I can have another reason to smile
In case the rain don't come again

Cause hey, hey...I miss her
Hey, hey...she's gone
Hey, hey...I miss her
Can't wait for the rain to come

Hey, hey...I miss her
Hey, hey...she's gone
Hey, hey...I miss her
Tired of talking on the phone

Oh hey, hey...I miss her
Hey, hey...she's gone
Hey, hey...I miss her
Tired of being all alone
Can't wait for the rain to come

James Wesley Vaughn

"The Smile Inside"

Millions of girls in the world
But all I can handle is one,
All that I want is one.

Every reflection of you
Is just a reflection of me
Wishing to be staring back at you.

Maybe Chris was right and you will kill me
All I know is that I will wait for that day.
All I know is I can't wait.

No more static for me.
Emaline speaks more clearly
Now more than ever before

Everything's perfect now
Since I've found you,
My smile inside.

 Benjamin W. Trice

"Passion Prayer"

Decades past and decades present
Offer man's search into himself.
His quest inward is to move ahead
By pouring fuel to the ever-lasting flame, Passion.

Passion is the drive to never stop moving,
When there is no place to go.
Passion is the right answer to every question,
When there is no test to be taken.

Passion is every emotion you can ever have.
It's hate for the things you will never get.
It's love for the things you will never leave.
Above all else, passion is the thing you will always need.

Now I've been struggling with myself lately.
I've had no drive, I've had no push.
I've only had two passions in this world.
One was life and the other was you.

 Benjamin W. Trice